Custom Configuration

Thena supports all public & private channels. Read on to learn more about adding Thena to a private channel

Thena Custom Configuration

Once you have the base setup process complete you can add more custom/advanced configurations for Thena.

This can be done from a couple of places:

  1. Thena Web App
  2. Thena Slack App/UI

Please read through the custom configuration documentation carefully. Some of the updates are unique to a platform, e.g. can be done on Thena Slack App/UI and not on the Thena Web App.

Private Slack Channels

To add Thena to the private channel, you must go to the native Slack UI. The two ways to add Thena to private channels are listed below:

Add an App flow

  • Click on the #channel-name (Top left corner of the pane).
  • In the pop up, select Integrations -> Add an App
  • Select and Add Thena
  • Thena has now been added to your channel, and will show up in the webapp.

The @Thena Command in Slack

  • Go to the Private Channel.
  • Type @Thena and send the message.
  • A modal will pop open and ask you if you want to 'Add Thena to this channel'. Click yes.
  • Thena has now been added to your channel, and will show up in the webapp.


Channel Notification

Thena itself will not notify anyone in the channel that is has been added, but Slack will post a greyed out message saying that "Thena was added to [channel name] by [user]".

If you are concerned about that notification, please have a Slack Admin add Thena to private channels and then delete the post

Enable Private Channel Preview in Slack

Slack does not unfurl conversations from private channels if the user viewing the message is not present in that channel. To get around this, you can toggle on a setting to show a preview of the title and summary, in the internal triage channel