User Left Channel / Company

πŸ‘ Get Notified whenever a customer user has left a channel/company

User Departure Notifications in Slack

Automatically receive notifications in your chosen Slack channel when a user leaves a specific channel or the entire Slack workspace. This feature allows you to monitor user activity more efficiently, ensuring you're always informed about changes in channel or company participation.


Notifications also include alerts when a user deactivates their account, indicating they have left the company.

User Departure Notification Example

Setting Up User Departure Notifications

Follow these steps to configure your notifications:

  1. In Slack, navigate to /Thena Global Config.
  2. Click the Configure Workflows button.
  3. Choose the Notify when a user leaves a customer channel option.
  4. Select Channels:
    • You can manually select channels by name or use conditions to filter channels.
    • Available conditions include "Channel Name starts with" and "Channel Name ends with."
    • If using a condition, specify the matching pattern.
  5. Choose Notification Channel: Select the Slack channel where you want to receive departure notifications.