Introduction: Email to Slack

Effectively managing customer communication across multiple platforms can be a challenge for modern teams. The inclusion of email as a significant customer channel necessitates maintaining an additional separate system. Addressing this issue, Thena introduces its innovative Bi-Directional Email Integration, designed to simplify and centralize customer communication.

Core Solution:

Thena's Bi-Directional Email Integration offers a practical solution to handle customer emails seamlessly. When customers send an email, our intelligent system automatically routes it to the relevant customer channel or email platform of your choice. This means you can conveniently respond directly from Slack, eliminating the need to switch between different applications. The integration enhances productivity and saves valuable time and effort.

Thena: Your All-in-One Customer Communication Tool:

By complementing our existing suite of powerful features, including Request Detection, Triaging, Alerts, Ticketing, Workflows, and Analytics, Thena becomes your comprehensive solution for managing customer communication. No more catering to different tools like Intercom, Zendesk, Slack and others. Now, consolidate all customer interactions into a single platform. This eliminates the hassle of using multiple systems and enables your team to stay focused, organized, and responsive, providing top-notch support to your customers.

Experience the efficiency of Thena's Bi-Directional Email Integration and elevate your team's performance. Embrace this powerful feature to streamline customer communication and make Thena the heart of your customer support strategy.

Product Demo

Feature List

FeatureSupportDelivery Date
Ability to cater to new users asking support questions (from unknown companies):white-check-mark:
Ability to identify customers and route to a specific customer channel:white-check-mark:Aug 8, 2023
Ability to support multiple teams basis different email ids (and relevant Slack Channels):white-check-mark:Aug 8, 2023
Bi-Directional Sync:white-check-mark:
Support for custom email:white-check-mark:
Rich Text from Slack to Email
(Bold, Italic, Strikethrough, Bullets, Code Blocks etc)
:white-check-mark:Aug 8, 2023
Rich Text from Email to Slack
(Bold, Italic, Strikethrough, Bullets, Code Blocks etc)
:grey-exclamation:Aug 20, 2023
Web Link support (Bi Directional):white-check-mark:
Hyperlink support
(Email to Slack - Yes, Slack to Email - No)
:grey-exclamation:August 30, 2023
Old Threaded messages to show in email when responding from Slack:grey-exclamation:August 30, 2023
Support for emojis
(Email to Slack - Yes, Slack to Email - No)
:grey-exclamation:Aug 30, 2023