Email Connector


Thena's Bi-Directional Email Integration offers a practical solution to handle customer emails seamlessly. When customers send an email, our intelligent system automatically routes it to the relevant customer channel or email platform of your choice. This means you can conveniently respond directly from Slack, eliminating the need to switch between different applications. The integration enhances productivity and saves valuable time and effort.

Getting Started


Ability to cater to new users asking support questions (from unknown companies):white-check-mark:
Ability to identify customers and route to a specific customer channel:white-check-mark:
Ability to support multiple teams basis different email ids (and relevant Slack Channels):white-check-mark:
Bi-Directional Sync:white-check-mark:
Support for custom email:white-check-mark:
Rich Text from Slack to Email (Bold, Italic, Strikethrough, Bullets, Code Blocks etc):white-check-mark:
Rich Text from Email to Slack (Bold, Italic, Strikethrough, Bullets, Code Blocks etc):white-check-mark:
Web Link support (Bi Directional):white-check-mark:
Hyperlink support (Email to Slack - Yes, Slack to Email - Yes):white-check-mark:

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How long does it take to verify the DNS after making the relevant changes?

Basis your domain provider, the verification can take upto 24 hours.

If my team or I reply via email, would the message come to Slack?

When your team (as the vendor) replies via email, we do not send the message to Slack. We have this enhancement in our roadmap.

How are forwarded emails processed?

Forwards will appear on the designated Slack channel but will be associated with the 'Unknown' customer. Replying to the forwarded email from Slack will send the response to the original email recipients from the forward.

What if my email attachment is too large for Slack?

If the email attachment surpasses Slack's size limits, we provide a link to our encrypted store (you can also configure your own S3 bucket), where you can view or download the attachment.

What does the product do in case of a failed email post?

In case of a failed post, the system will attempt to repost the email twice. If still unsuccessful, an error notification will be sent via a Slack DM and displayed on the channel. This will include an option to manually retry the post.

How are known domains or customers identified?

When an email is received from a known customer domain (one that's recognized on Slack), the system associates that email with the corresponding customer account, ensuring its visibility on the Kanban, App Home, and other channels.