Efficiently manage escalated issues in Slack with Thena Escalation Management, ensuring prompt resolution and customer satisfaction.


Our escalation structure in Slack is designed to facilitate the efficient handling of escalated issues or requests from customers. This user guide will walk you through the setup and usage of the system.


Configure Escalation in Slack / Thena Global Configuration:

  • Navigate to Thena Global Configuration with /Thena Global Config command on Slack
  • Enable the Escalation feature and configure necessary settings such as notification channels and permissions.

Setup Escalation Prompt for Customers in Slack Modal:

  • Create a modal in Slack to prompt customers when they use the escalation emoji (‼️).
  • This modal should ask customers to provide details regarding the escalation, such as reason, impact, and any relevant information.

Setup Channel for Escalation Notification in Slack Modal:

  • Define a specific channel in Slack where escalation notifications will be sent.
  • Ensure appropriate members are added to this channel to receive and address escalations promptly.

Usage Flow:

Customer Escalation:

  • When customers encounter an issue that requires escalation, they can use the ‼️ emoji on Slack to trigger the escalation process.
  • Upon using the emoji, a prompt asking the customer to provide details about the escalation will appear.
    Providing Escalation Details:
  • The customer will be prompted to fill out a modal with details such as the reason for escalation, impact, and any relevant information.

Creation of Escalation:

  • After the customer submits the escalation details, an escalation request is created.
  • The escalation request will be posted on the customer message thread for reference and tracking purposes.


  • Simultaneously, an escalation notification is sent to the pre-configured channel in Slack.
  • Members of this channel will be alerted about the new escalation and can take necessary actions.

Monitoring escalations:

  • In the Kanban board or any tracking system, escalated requests will be indicated with a red marker.
  • This red indication serves as a visual cue for team members to promptly prioritize and address escalated issues.

Status update:

  • If the escalated request moves to the "On hold" or "Closed" status, the red indication on the Kanban card will be removed.
  • This indicates that the escalation has been addressed or resolved.