Salesforce CRM

Send Thena Requests to Salesforce.

How do I enable sending Requests from Slack to Salesforce?


You need to have admin access to your Salesforce Developer Account

You can enable this via Thena Web

  1. Head to the Integrations tab under Global Settings or click on the link above
  2. Search for Salesforce (NOT Salesforce Cases)
  3. Click Add Integration
  4. Click Connect
  5. You will be redirected to the oAuth for your Salesforce instance
  6. Click Approve
  7. Done! You have now integrated Thena with Salesforce
  8. Head to your Salesforce Instance's Setup (via the gear icon on the top right)
  1. Select Object Manager and Search for Request
  1. Head to Field Layout and Select Account
  1. Select View Field Accessibility
  1. Select Account and make sure that the Field Access for the System Administrator is Editable. If Not, click on it and make it visible.
  2. Repeat the same process for Requestor Field
  3. Done!

Create the page layout for Thena Requests

  1. Head to your Salesforce Instance's Setup (via the gear icon on the top right)
  1. Select Object Manager and Search for Request
  1. Select Request Layout under the Page Layouts section
  1. Add all the fields that you want in the order you like and hit save.

Add Thena Requests to your Accounts View

  1. Head to your Salesforce Instance's Setup (via the gear icon on the top right)
  1. Select Account
  2. Select Account Layout under the Page Layout Section
  3. Add Requests in the Related Lists section
  1. Done!

Supported Fields

When you integrate Thena with Salesforce, we create a custom object by the name of Requests and API Name of Request__c with the following fields:

LabelNameDescriptionData Type
Account Account__cSalesforce Account associated with the request.Lookup (Account)
AiTagsAiTags__cAI Tags detected by ThenaLong Text
Assigned ToAssigned_To__cUser name to whom the request is assigned toText
CSATCsat__cFeedback shared by the customers once the request is closedRich Text
PermalinkPermalink__cLink to the message which was detected as the requestText
requestClosedAtrequestClosedAt__cDate and time at which the request was closed. This is in UTC time.Text
requestClosedByrequestClosedBy__cUser name who closed the requestText
requestCreatedAtrequestCreatedAt__cDate and time at which the request was created. This is in UTC time.Text
requestInternalNotificationLinkrequestInternalNotificationLink__cLink to the internal Slack conversationURL
RequestorRequestor__cThe user/ customer who had sent the message in Slack which was detected as a requestLookup (Contact)
requestUpdatedAtrequestUpdatedAt__cDate and time at which the request was last updated atText
requestWebLinkrequestWebLink__cURL for the Thena Web App for this requestURL
SentimentSentiment__cAI generated Sentiment of the requestText
StatusStatus__cCurrent status of the requestPicklist
SummarySummary__cAI generated Summary of the requestRich Text
Thena RequestIdRequestId__cRequest ID generated by ThenaText (External ID)
TitleTitle__cAI generated Title of the requestText
Message TextMessage_Text__cMessage text which was marked as a requestRich Text
Customer ThreadCustomer_Thread__cThread of messages with the customerRich Text
Internal ThreadInternal_Thread__cThread of messages on the request alert sent in the triage channelRich Text
UrgencyUrgency__cAI generated urgency of the requestText
Custom Tags and CategoriesProduct__cCustom Tags and categories set by you in Thena.
These are created as separate fields. Eg: If you have a custom category of Product with the values of Request Management and Marketing Automation, we will create the field of name Product.