Campaign Analytics

Measure, Visualise the efficacy of Slack Marketing

Metrics Overview

Thena Campaign analytics provide valuable insights into the impact of your Slack Marketing and Customer Communication through the following Metrics:

  1. Views: Impressions/Loads of a post/collateral after broadcasting.
  2. Engagement: Interactions (messages or reactions) by external users in the broadcasted channel within a defined period after posting. (Default Period: 6 hours). Engagement includes:
    1. Replies: Messages in the post/collateral thread.
    2. Reactions: Slack Reactions on the post/collateral.
    3. Actions:

Campaign Analytics Report

View campaign engagement statistics through the Campaign Manager -> View Report CTA. These include:

  1. Overview Tiles: The top analytics bar shows campaign-level metrics for all channels combined. Metrics include Reach, Views, Engagement, Reaction, Replies.
    1. :bulb: Hover over Engagement to view its breakdown.
  2. View v/s Engagement: Stacked vertical bar graph visualizing channels with views and engagement and their ratios.
  3. Replies vs Reactions: Depicts lower funnel engagement metrics for channels with direct reactions to the posted message.
  4. Most Engaged Channel: Statistics of channels with the highest engagement, showing distribution of metrics: Messages, Replies, and Reactions.