Campaign Analytics

Measure, Visualise the efficacy of Slack Marketing

Metrics Overview

Thena Campaign analytics allow you to measure the impact of all Slack Marketing/Customer Communication through the following Metrics:

  • Reach: Total Unique External Users in the shared channels across the workspace. (excluding the workspace internal members and bots)
    :exclamation:Note : Reach for all channels is calculated once everyday, so the channels created or updated with users in the past 24 hours might not have updated reach.
  • Views : Impressions/Loads of a particular post/collateral after the broadcast.
  • Engagement : Any Interaction (message or reaction) by external users (audience) in the broadcasted channel till a pre-defined period after the broadcast of the post/collateral. (Default Period: 6 hours)
    Engagement includes:
    • Messages: from external users directly in the channel
    • Replies : Messages in the thread of the post/collateral.
    • Reactions: Slack Reactions on the post/collateral.

Campaign Analytics Report

The engagement statistics for each campaign can be viewed as report through the View Report button from the campaign list blocks in the Campaign Manager menu.

Components of the of the Campaign Analytics Report:

  • Overview Tiles:
    The top analytics bar highlights the metrics on a campaign level for all channels combined. The current reporting metrics on this bar are : Reach, Views, Engagement, Reaction, Replies .

    :bulb: On hovering over Engagement block, you can view the breakdown of Engagement into its components.

  • View v/s Engagement :
    Stacked Vertical bar graph visualising the channels that have views and engagement and the ratios between the metrics

  • Replies vs Reactions :
    Generally this tab is designed to depict the lower funnel engagement metrics to determine the channels users that have reacted on the posted message directly.

  • Channels with No Engagement
    List of channels out of the selected channels where there has been only views of the post but no external users have engaged with the post whatsoever.

  • Most Engaged Channel
    Statistics of Channels where maximum engagement has been achieved for the post with the distribution of engagement metrics : Messages, Replies and Reactions

Frequently Asked Questions

My campaign has been SENT and there are definitely some views on the channels it was broadcasted to but I cannot see the analytics on the View Report screen (Only Reach is visible).

Answer : The campaign analytics are only populated once there is at-least 1 engagement on the campaign content. Only Views are not available for the campaign.

What is Engagement and why is it not the aggregation (sum) of Replies and Reactions ?


  • Views : This is the number of impressions of the broadcasted content i.e. everytime the content gets loaded in a user's device (desktop, web, mobile app) , it is counted as an impression. (This is non-unique in nature ie. for a particular user both internal and external users , there can be multiple impressions/loads of the content).
  • Engagement: This is a combination of 3 components currently:
    • Replies : An external customer user message in thread of the content. .
    • Reactions : emoticons on the content message itself by external customer users.
    • Messages : The messages (from external customer users) within the channel outside/inside the thread for a period of 6 hours (default). This means that it would be only counted for a period defined and then the messages in the channel would not be attributed to the campaign.
      (The idea behind engagement is to see how much traction/noise does a particular a content generate.)

The reach for a recently created channel is showing as 0 or there seems to be a mis-match for an old channel

Reach for all channels is calculated once everyday, so the channels created or updated with users in the past 24 hours might not have updated reach.

However, the system updates itself after every iteration and the reach is updated at the next iteration.

If the reach calculation is not accurate post 24 hours, please contact us for help.