Campaign Analytics

Measure, Visualize the efficacy of a campaign

Thena's Campaign Analytics offer insights into your broadcast's effectiveness with these Metrics:


Impressions/Loads of a post/collateral after broadcasting.


Thena monitors campaign insights (views/interactions) through the images within the campaign. For campaigns without images, Thena incorporates a small image ( πŸ“£) at the bottom of the campaign to track engagement.


Tracks user interactions (messages/reactions) in the broadcast channel after posting, within a default 6-hour window. Includes:

  1. Replies: Messages in the post's thread.
  2. Reactions: Slack emojis on the post.
  3. Actions: Channel messages outside the thread.

View Campaign Analytics

Access campaign engagement stats by selecting the "View Analytics" button. Key insights include:

Overview Tiles

Displays combined channel metrics at the campaign level, such as Reach, Views, Engagement, Reactions, and Replies. Mouse over Engagement for a detailed breakdown.

View v/s Engagement

Shows a stacked vertical bar chart comparing views and engagement across channels, along with their ratios.

Replies vs Reactions

Depicts engagement metrics focused on direct responses and reactions to the campaign.

Most Engaged Channel

Statistics of channels with the highest engagement, showing distribution of metrics: Messages, Replies, and Reactions.