Custom Config: Thena Web App

Make updates from the Thena Web app as per the needs of your designated Slack workspace

Thena Configuration from Web App

To configure using the Thena Web App, you need to first login. Once you have logged in go to settings

Add/Update Channels

Beyond the channels you added during the initial onboarding workflow, through this view you can add/remove and add more custom settings for Thena at the channel level.

You can update:

Add a ChannelA running list of channels that Thena sees can be added. You can search for a channel and add Thena to the channel
Look at Thena ChannelsA running list of channels that Thena has already been added to
Set Customer Request NotificationRedirect requests from Slack to another channel of your choosing. Remember that by default we send to the triage channel you configured during onboarding
Set SLA First ResponseSet a custom response time (or SLA) at the channel level. This is going to override the global setting you configured during onboarding. All channels without a custom setting will abide by the global setting
Assign RolesUse Thena to set key roles like CSM, exec sponsor (internal), solutions engineer, customer PoC, customer exec sponsor. If a CSM is assigned to a channel, Thena will send them a notification (or auto assign if enabled) whenever a request is sent through

Add New Channels

  • If you can't see the channel you want to update, click "Sync channels with Slack" to refresh the list of channels.

Update Channels

Assign Roles

Similar to your CRM of record, Thena supports role assignment as a way to keep track of requests and notify the right internal individual(s).

Roles are assigned at the channel level.

Assign a Triage Channel

You should have already configured a global triage channel from following the steps including the How to Get Startedguide. If not, here's how to do so at the global level as well as the channel level.

  • Global Level - all external channels added to Thena will utilize the same internal triage channel for managing and assigning requests. This would have been set up during onboarding. If not, you can still update in the web app.
  • Channel Level - each external channel added to Thena will have the ability to have its' own custom internal triage channel for managing and assigning requests.
    note: we find this second option is best used for high value customers that need more support


Thena can be configured to act as a bi-directional routing tool from Slack to your CRM & ticketing platforms.

We currently support the following integrations



  • Notion (coming soon)
  • Linear (coming soon)

To learn more about integrations, click here.

If you have requests for integrations, let us know by reaching on using the chat icon in the lower right-hand corner.

Update/Configure SLAs & Alerts

In this section you can update:

Set Request NotificationSelect a channel as the default channel to receive all incoming customer requests tracked from Thena
First Response SLA AlertIf a request is not assigned on time, Thena will signal a breach of SLA


SLAs & Alerts per Channel

More information on that can be found under the update channels section


Thena is an unlimited seat platform, so we do not bill for additional members or admins.

From this menu you can:

View TeammatesSee who has access to Thena and their roles & permissions (admin vs user).
Invite TeammatesAdd users from your organization to join you in Thena
Manage Subscription & BillingIf you have configured credit card billing for Thena, you can manage and update your billing using this tab

Default Configurations

Please reference Thena Default Settings & Configurations for a table of Thena default configurations.