Salesforce cases

How to integrate Salesforce CRM and Salesforce Cases


The Salesforce OAuth is coming soon (Mid February)

  1. Create a user that will act as "Thena" on Salesforce. This is a necessary step because we want to prevent going down the route of other apps that force all users to authenticate their SFDC login details.
  2. Once this user is created, save the username + pwd (you can share it with us for us to set up the next few steps if you'd like) and login with the same user.
  3. Go to the profile page and create a secret token for the login

  1. Create a connected app on Salesforce and call it Thena - we will use the connected app to read/write from Salesforce. Listing the steps for the same below (apologies if some of them are redundant)
  2. Navigate to the gear icon on the top of the page and click on Setup
  3. In the left-hand sidebar, go to Platform Tools > Apps > App Manager and then click on New Connected App on the top right of the pane in the App Manager screen
  4. Under API (Enable OAuth Settings), mark the "Enable OAuth Settings" checkbox.
  5. Under Callback URL, paste-in Thena's redirect URL:
  6. Give the app full access from the scopes
  7. Salesforce provides your Consumer Key and Consumer Secret needed for the next step once you register your application.
  8. Once you're done with the steps, you can add the username, password, secret token for the user and the consumer key and consumer secret for the connected app.