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  • You must have admin access to your Salesforce Developer Account.

Setup Guide for Salesforce CRM Integration

Integrating Salesforce CRM with Thena allows for seamless data synchronization and enhances your workflow efficiency. Follow the steps below to set up the integration:

Step 1: Connect to Thena

  1. Log in to your Thena Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to the 'Integrations' tab on the left-hand side menu.
  3. Locate 'Salesforce CRM Integration' in the list of available integrations.
  4. Click on the 'Enable' button to initiate the setup process.

Step 2: Authenticate

  • A new window will prompt you to log in to your Salesforce account. Enter your credentials and grant Thena the necessary permissions to access your Salesforce data.

Step 3: Configure Integration Settings

  • After authentication, customize your integration settings according to your business needs. This may include mapping Salesforce fields to Thena fields, setting up synchronization preferences, and configuring data flow directions.

βœ… Congratulations! Your Salesforce CRM Integration is now active.


With the Salesforce CRM integration, you can achieve a bi-directional data flow that enhances your operational efficiency:

  • From Salesforce to Thena: Automatically sync account data and other relevant information from Salesforce CRM to Thena. Learn more.

  • From Thena to Salesforce: Seamlessly send Requests and associated metadata from Thena back to the corresponding Salesforce CRM accounts. Learn more.


  • Integration not working? Check if the Salesforce API access permissions have changed or if there are any issues with the Salesforce service.
  • Data not syncing? Verify the field mappings and synchronization settings in your Thena dashboard.

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