Getting Started with Thena

This page will help you get started with Thena. You'll be up and running in a jiffy!

Welcome to Thena! :ski:

You're on your way to acquire, service and grow your customers on Slack!

Installing Thena

  • Step 1: Sign in -> Sign into the web-app.
  • Step 2: What brings you to Thena
    This helps us understand the core challenges that you face - we will curate your experiences accordingly.
  • Step 3 (a)(Optional): Product Tour
    You can view Thena's capabilities to better understand the value that it would drive for your organisation.
  • Step 3 (b): Install Thena on your Slack workspace.
    Give Thena permission to access your workspace by clicking 'Allow'.


If you've signed into multiple Slack workspaces, you can select another workspace by selecting the dropdown on the top right section of your screen.

πŸŽ‰ 🎊 You have now installed Thena in your workspace 🎊 πŸŽ‰

Add Thena to a customer channel

To begin, we strongly recommend adding Thena to a customer channel. The basic unit on which all of Thena's features are built is a customer channel. To add Thena to a channel, follow the process below.

For adding Thena to private channels, use this guide


Thena does not store any conversation data. Our views on data governance are available here

Here's some of the features you'll want to check out.

πŸ“ Customer Requests

Customer communication on Slack can be challenging. Often, your teams struggle with keeping track of conversations. To cater to Customer asks, the Request feature was introduced. Essentially, whenever a customer request is detected, an alert can be sent on a channel of your choice. This will ensure that you never miss a customer message.

The workflow is as follows:

  • When the customer has sent a message, we will check the message for a Customer Request?
  • Identify whether the vendor (you) has asked to be alerted (and if so - in which channel)?
  • Send the alert with the relevant Request to the vendor.
  • Allow users to Create a ticket, Assign it to others/themselves, or mark the alert as closed.

There are multiple customisations that can be setup basis your alerting needs. to learn more about these, click here.

🚦 Alerts

Alerts are smart messages you can schedule or trigger based on important events. Alerts can be sent to a channel, or to a user basis your preference. Teams use Alerts to stay organised, save time and automate away repetitive tasks / follow ups.

Here are some examples of how Alerts helps you in your day to day customer communication:

  • E.g. 1: Customer sends a message but you forgot to respond.
    The First Response SLA alert will notify you of a pending customer response.
  • E.g. 2: Customer asked you a question, but you didn't notice
    The alert for a request detected will be sent to you on the channel of your choice.

πŸ“ˆ Analytics

Analytics helps us ensure that you have transparency and visibility into your customer engagement on Slack. Action Items are derived basis these analytics and help ensure that you are putting your best foot forward in front of customers, while also staffing appropriately, and identifying internal opportunities for a smoother customer experience.

We support both Workspace Analytics and Time Series Analytics to enable an overarching view, and a view of activity over time.

:ticket: Ticketing

Ticketing is a feature that enables your Support teams to thrive in their chosen environment (email ticketing tools), while serving your customers on a platform of their choice (Slack). An additional value add here is that your Customer Success and Account Executives do not need to spend any time triaging between Customers, Support, and Engineering. At the click of a button, they can send the relevant customer request to Support/Engineering, and also track the progress of the interactions. We support a whole host of integrations (including Hubspot, which is displayed below).

If you get stuck, use the Intercom widget on the bottom right of any page.

:loudspeaker: Marketing

Put your best foot forward in front of your customers. From Product Updates, to Onboarding Messages, and Events & Conferences, there is a huge opportunity to drive customer engagement and adoption using Slack.

Ensure that you are sending crisp content to targeted customers on Slack, and able to track their engagement over time.

We have created multiple templated marketing messages for Product Updates, Onboarding Messages, and Events & Conferences. You can use these pre defined templates, or, create your own template.

Once a template is created, you can see a preview in Slack, Send the message to a selected list of channels, or schedule the message to be sent at a specific time.


From Total Audience, to reactions, replies, and cold users, you will quickly be able to identify which messages are resonating with which cohort of customers, and create more engagement and value for your customers on Slack.