Connectors: Salesforce Cases

Create a bi-directional connection between issues in Slack and tickets raised in Zendesk

Who would Benefit from this Integration?

The Thena <> Salesforce Cases Integration is built for:

  • Product Support Agents who want to work and live in Salesforce Cases, but need better visibility of requests that originate in Slack. Thena creates a bi-directional flow of information from Slack to Salesforce Cases, so context of the conversation & status updates are tracked accordingly.
  • Customer Success Managers who want to more easily re-direct issues, bugs, etc to their support team that uses Salesforce Cases.

How does it Work?

At a high-level, using Salesforce Cases and Thena will enable a workflow where requests that are determined to be better suited for the Support Team to handle will be bi-directionally synced across the two platforms (Slack and Salesforce Cases). The flow looks something like this:

  • A customer reaches out to the vendor (you) in Slack.
  • From the channel, the vendor (likely a CSM or someone related) determines this requires the support team in Salesforce Cases. They create a ticket using the workflow from Slack, the Web App, or the Triage Channel.
  • The ticket gets created in Thena & Salesforce Cases. The Support Team will see a new ticket in Salesforce Cases, and can work to solve and prioritise accordingly.
  • All context that is shared by the customer (files, links, etc) are also sent through to Salesforce Cases.

Integrate with Salesforce Cases

  1. Create a User and Secret token on Salesforce (optional)
  2. Create a connected app on Salesforce
  3. Add Salesforce details on Thena
  4. Map your slack channels with customer accounts on Salesforce

Create a User and Secret token on Salesforce (Optional)

The owner of the cases is this user by default.

  1. Create a user that will act as "Thena" on Salesforce or you can use your current admin account details. This is a necessary step because we want to prevent going down the route of other apps that force all users to authenticate their SFDC login details.
    1. Click on the gear on top right -> Setup
    2. Click on Create on top right -> User
  1. Once this user is created, save the username + pwd (you can share it with us for us to set up the next few steps if you'd like) and login with the same user.
  2. Login as this user and go to the profile page and create a secret token via My Personal Information -> Reset My Security Token

Create a connected app on Salesforce

This connected app on Salesforce will be used to read/write cases from Salesforce.

  1. Navigate to SF Developer Console (
  2. Select “Setup” from the top-right gear icon.
  3. In the left nav bar, go-to Apps and select Manage Apps . Click on New Connected app option from right of the modal.
  4. In the new connected app menu , provide the name of the app: thena-sfdc.
  5. Check “enable user provisioning” and “enable oauth flow”.)
  6. Within the oauth flow modal , provide the following callback URL : [](
  7. Within the API permissions , provide the following permissions :
    1. Access Lightning Objects
    2. Access the Identity URL Service
    3. Access Unique User Identifiers
    4. Manage User Data via APIs
    5. Manage User Data via Browsers
    6. Perform Requests at any time
    7. Optional : Full API Access
  8. Complete the Connected App setup on the menu.
  9. After connected app setup, navigate to App Manger and search for : thena-sfdc-poc. From the down-arrow icon, click View.
  10. In the App details page , click on Manage consumer details.

Add Salesforce details on Thena

  1. Login to
  2. Go to the Integrations tab under Settings -
  3. Search for Salesforce and Click Add Integration
  4. Fill in the details
    1. User ID and Pass of the new user created
    2. Secret Token of the new user created
    3. Consumer Key and Consumer Secret of the New App Created
    4. Your Salesforce URL
    5. Select the Request Type as Tech Supoprt
  5. Click Test Connection

Map your slack channels with customer accounts on Salesforce

  1. Search for the customer channel on the left
  2. Select the account on the right from the drop down

To view your mapped channels, select Mapped Channels from the dropdown on the top right

:ski:Thena is now setup to work seamlessly with Salesforce Cases :ski:


Does Thena white-label ticket creation

We link the ticket created on Salesforce cases to the mapped account but the case owner is set as the user you created while setting up the integration or if you did not create a new user, the owner is set as the Admin who integrated Salesforce cases with Thena

Can I reassign a ticket on Salesforce cases via Slack?


Is Slack mark down supported for Salesforce cases?

No - it means that bold text on Slack appears within the * (asterisk ), italics appears within _ (underscore) and code appears between triple ```

Does Thena white-label ticket comments?

Comments from an agent via Salesforce Cases are sent as your Workspace i.e. workspace name and the workspace logo.
Attachments sent will show up as Thena on Slack as Slack does not support white-label for file uploads