Microsoft Teams Connector

Improve your customer collaboration by connecting seamlessly with Teams while operating smoothly within Slack.


Admin privileges for setup

If not a Global Administrator, share authorization link with your organization's admin.


Thena's Microsoft Teams Bridge with the Slack App provides a seamless communication solution for your team and customers. With this integration, your team can assist your customers through the Slack platform while communicating with Teams users. This guide offers a step-by-step process for new users to install and use the product.

Imagine that you are working on the Slack platform, but your customer is using Microsoft Teams. You want to provide customer support without leaving the Slack environment. In such a scenario, the Microsoft Teams Bridge with the Slack App allows you to create a shared channel on Microsoft Teams and mirror the conversation in a Slack channel. As a result, you can handle all communication without leaving Slack.

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SupportedComing soon
Seamless communication between vendors on Slack and their customers on Microsoft Teams.Mirror vendor users' status and presence on Microsoft Teams.
Mirror conversations between Microsoft Teams and Slack channels.Support for mentions in both Microsoft Teams and Slack channels.
Seamless request detection and workflow continuation.Ability to initiate DMs and group chats.
Threaded messages
Text formatting (Bold, Italics etc)

Getting Started

Before you begin, make sure you have the following prerequisites:

  1. Microsoft Team's licence for your team members.
  2. Global Admin Privileges - This is needed as Thena utilises Microsoft Graph API for this connector and you Global Admin Privileges to authenticate
  3. Configure Thena Request management on slack


What is the rationale behind requiring licenses for all team members?

The responses will be provided as your team members instead of default company name. Your customers will receive a seamless experience.

Integration Steps

To connect Thena and Microsoft Teams with Slack, simply follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Thena's Web App and go to global settings. Then click on Integrations and select MS Teams.
  2. Download & install customised app to your Microsoft Team's Tenant.


Select "Add to a Team" Option

  1. Send a message to the bot with the text login and you will get a login link to authorise Thena as a User

  2. Click on the Login button and provide access to Thena.

  3. After configuring Microsoft Teams for Thena, make sure to tick the box next to "I've configured Microsoft Teams for Thena".

  4. Once the configuration is complete, click on the "Connect" button to initiate the OAuth flow. This will connect your organisation's Microsoft Teams tenant to Thena. Make sure to follow the instructions and complete the process.

  1. Once authorisation is complete, you'll be redirected to the configuration page.
  2. Next, proceed with the Channel and User Sync.
    1. The Channel Sync fetches channels, users, and creates subscriptions for the channel.
    2. The User Sync allows you to post messages as a user in Teams.


Teams Channel

Please be aware that the list includes team channels you've personally created. Channels created by customers will not be displayed here.

It is advisable for you to initiate team/channel and invite your customers to it.


Application scopes requested by Thena to connect

ScopeDescriptionUse case
AppCatalog.Read.AllRead all app catalogsAllows Thena to check if the application is installed in the app catalog.
Channel.ReadBasic.AllRead the names and descriptions of all channelsAllows Thena to import all the channels from selected Teams.
Channel.CreateCreate channelsAllows Thena to create channels in selected Teams.
ChannelMessage.Read.AllRead all channel messagesAllows Thena to read all connected channel messages .
Chat.Read.AllRead all chat messagesAllows Thena to read all connected DM and group chat messages.
ChatMember.ReadWrite.AllAdd and remove members from all chatsAllows Thena to add new members to an existing DM or group chat.
Chat.CreateCreate chatsAllows Thena to create new DM's and group chats.
Sites.ReadWrite.AllRead items in all site collections and upload filesAllows Thena to fetch files and upload in channels
GroupMember.Read.AllRead all group membershipsAllows Thena to read group membership to keep channel membership rosters up to date.
Team.ReadBasic.AllGet a list of all teamsAllows Thena to show all the Teams when connecting the platform so the user can select which teams they would like to import.
GroupMember.ReadWrite.AllRead and write all group membershipsAllows Thena to add new members to the selected Team.
Team.CreateCreate teamsAllows Thena to create new Teams (Groups).
Organization.Read.AllRead organization informationAllows Thena to read your organization details to set up the account.
User.ReadWrite.AllRead and write all users' full profilesAllows Thena to read basic information (email, name and avatar) about users in selected Teams.
TeamsAppInstallation.ReadWriteForUser.AllManage Teams apps for all usersAllows Thena to install the app to a user so that Thena can send messages (prompts) to the user.
Group.Read.AllRead and write all groupsAllows Thena to create a subscription to group changes
TeamsAppInstallation.ReadWriteForTeam.AllManage Teams apps for all teamsAllows Thena to install/uninstall the app from Teams
ChannelMember.ReadWrite.AllAllow Thena to list the members of a channel and add new members

Delegated scopes requested by Thena for User Sync

ScopeDescriptionUse case
Chat.ReadWriteRead and write user
chat messages
Allows Thena to send/edit and soft delete messages as the signed in user in DM's and group chats.
ChannelMessage.SendSend channel messagesAllows Thena to send messages as the signed in user in channels.
ChannelMessage.ReadWrite Read and write user channel messagesAllows Thena to edit and soft delete messages in channels.
Team.ReadBasic.AllRead the names and descriptions of teamsAllows Thena to get a list of joined Teams for the signed in user.
Files.ReadWriteHave full access to
user files
Allows Thena to upload a file on behalf of the signed in user and send an invitation to another user.
User.ReadSign in and read user profileAllows Thena to access the signed in users profile for identification purposes.
offline_accessMaintain access
to data you have
given it access to
Allows Thena to keep the access token refreshed after successful authentication


What is the Thena Microsoft Teams Bridge with the Slack App?

The Thena Microsoft Teams Bridge with the Slack App facilitates seamless communication between vendors on Slack and their customers on Microsoft Teams.

What are the prerequisites for using the Thena Microsoft Teams Bridge with the Slack App?

You need to have a Teams account with necessary permission & licence and a Slack account.

How do I integrate the Thena Microsoft Teams Bridge with the Slack App?

To integrate the Thena Microsoft Teams Bridge with the Slack App, follow the steps outlined in the Integration Steps section.