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The Workspace Analytics - Home View is your go to for real-time business metrics & customer engagement data.

Date Filtering

As Thena is added to more customer-facing channels, and time goes on, we’re able to learn as well as showcase trends that naturally occur in your workspace. Use the date filters to pick a start and end date.

Home View - Cards - Metrics

The following metrics or engagement-related insights are available from this view:

Total Shared ChannelsThe number of shared channels you have added for Thena to monitor
Total RequestsThe count of requests that have been detected, or created, by Thena since being added in the channel.
1st Response SLA AlertsThe count of SLA alerts that have occurred in a channel since Thena was added. An SLA Alert is sent when you have not yet responded to a customer request within a specified time period.
1st ResponseThe average time, in minutes, it took for you to acknowledge and respond to a customer request
Average Request Close TimeThe average number of mins, or hours, elapsed since a request was created and then closed
Total TicketsThe total number of tickets created (must have a ticketing integration connected) from messages by Thena since being added in the channel
CSATThe average CSAT across all channels since Thena has been added.
CSAT calculation : (Favorable CSAT responses / Total CSAT responses) *100
Average Ticket Close TimeThe average number of mins, or hours, elapsed since a ticket was created and then closed

Home View - Table - Metrics

ChannelThe name of the channel where Thena has been added
Account OwnerThe assigned CSM, Account Executive or Account Manager associated with the relevant Customer Account.

All other views from the table resemble those in the card view, refer to the first table for more information on those fields.

Filterable Options

ShowPick a metric for Thena to display in a time series view
Compare ByA group by capability that creates a breakdown on the selected value
Date RangeInput a start and end date to filter the data by
WhereAdd a filter, or multiple filters, to limit the metric selected in the show field