Setup our Intercom Approved OAuth Integration

How the Intercom integration works?

The Intercom integration is one of our most popular. From the basic bi-directional flows, to more advanced settings that unify customer experience and relevant data, you can set up the integration to your requirement.


Thena integration with Intercom has been approved by Intercom. 🎊

How to Set it up?

To integrate your Intercom instance, simply go to this link, and

  1. Click on the 'Add Integration' button next to Intercom.
  2. Click on the 'Connect with Intercom' button
  3. Next, allow Thena to get the relevant accesses that will help it in automating your workflows and creating a seamless experience for both your customer and your support agent.

🎊 Congratulations - Intercom Integration is now complete 🎊

Configure the Integration

Thena allows you to setup your Intercom integration basis your support processes and preferences. Simply go to the Thena webapp Integrations page and click on 'View Integration' under the Intercom card.

Auto Send to Intercom:

If you want all your customer messages to be redirected to Intercom, then select this option.This works best for organisations where all the customer facing teams sit in Intercom while customers are on Slack.


This also works wonderfully if you have a community channel with multiple customers and your customer facing team is on Intercom.

Use Admin/Agent Slack profile

When your support agent responds from Intercom, the agent's Slack name and profile image will be used to respond to the Customer. We strongly recommend that you activate this feature.


This only works when your agent in Intercom has a relevant Slack profile.

App Alias

If you want to provide a custom representation of your Support team, you can set this feature. By default, this will show up as 'Thena'

App Alias Icon

If you want the icon to be custom to your requirement, you can provide the relevant link here. By default, this will be Thena's owl logo.

Default initial response

When a Slack message is first sent to Intercom, you can send a custom note to the thread to inform the user that an agent will look into it shortly.


Update your Customer that the request will be looked into. It removes the 'Has anyone seen this message?' question that often comes up on Slack.

Default Tag for Conversation

Thena can send a custom tag to your Intercom instance for every Slack conversation that it has converted into an Intercom conversation.


If you use Intercom analytics, then we strongly recommend that you use a default tag. This will enable you to articulate the conversations/impact/csat associated with customers on Slack.

Email Domain Restriction

If you want to restrict the capability to convert a Slack message into an Intercom conversation, then you can blacklist domains. To these domains, Thena features will not be visible.

Thena can upload files from private channels

We typically sync only the links to the uploaded files in Slack to Intercom. However for private channels, these links will not work unless the user in Intercom is also a Slack user that is a part of the private channel. If this setting is enabled, these files are temporarily uploaded to an S3 bucket and then synced to Intercom (post which, the files are deleted from S3).


You can select an S3 bucket hosted on your infrastructure as well (for data security purposes)