Introduction: Web to Slack

Thena's Web to Slack product streamlines customer communication and support, centralizing all interactions within Slack. Follow these steps to set up and leverage this powerful integration:

  1. Install the HTML Code: Easily embed our provided HTML code into your web app to activate Thena's messenger. Customers can now connect with you effortlessly.
  2. Simplified Management: Respond to customer queries directly from Slack. Effortlessly handle all communication without juggling multiple platforms.

What makes us different from the likes of Intercom

  1. Affordable Solution with deep integrations: Thena doesn't charge per user, and offers potent Slack, CRM, and ticketing integrations at a competitive rate.
  2. Comprehensive Analytics & Workflows: Regardless of customers' communication preferences, Thena provides in-depth analytics and customizable workflows to optimize interactions across platforms.

Ready to elevate your customer support? Implement Thena's Web to Slack product and discover effortless communication! πŸš€