Web Chat Connector


Thena's Web Chat product streamlines customer communication and support, centralizing all interactions within Slack. Follow these steps to set up and leverage this powerful integration:


Redirect to Customer Channel (Optional)

A customer message can be configured to send to a Slack customer channel if the channel already exists.

In this setting, the user will be able to see the Slack permalink of the channel message, as well as a ribbon highlighting that their message will be sent to the relevant customer channel.

Support for Slack Edited/Deleted messages

Messages edited and deleted in Slack will be updated in the Chat plugin as well.
For a deleted Slack message, the below will be displayed

For an edited Slack message, the below will be displayed ('Edited' keyword under the message).

Reply to Web messages from Thena's Kanban/List View

You can reply to the web messages through the Editor in the Kanban/List view.

Richtext Support

SourceDestinationEmbedded HyperlinksBold/ItalicEmbedded CodeAttachmentsBullets, NumberingEmojis
WebSlackComing SoonComing SoonComing SoonYComing SoonY
SlackWebYY (Except Bold)YYYY


  1. Editing and deleting a message from the plugin
  2. Embedded reactions (like they show on Slack).


Can any of my customers use Thena Web Widget on my dashboard?

  • Yes, any customer/anonymous user on your website/dashboard can start using Thena web widget

Can I choose where to send the customer messages?

  • You can send customer messages to either the customer channel (if the customer is identified) or to a common internal channel that Thena creates when Web Chat is enabled.
  • By default, Thena will send all messages to the common channel (until the configuration to send messages to customer channels is enabled

What happens when I already have a Slack Connect channel with the customer?

  • If you already have a Slack Connect channel, then all the requests created via the web-widget starts to flow in the same connect channel (if the relevant configuration is enabled).

What if some users are not part of the Slack Connect channel?

  • Even if the users are not a part of the Slack connect channel, they will be marked with email of your customer and the request will be sent in the same Slack Connect channel (if configuration is enabled). Web widget also shows the Slack Connect channel to the user in case they want to join.

Can I reply directly to the Slack thread to start chatting with the customer?

  • Yes, once the message comes from the Web Widget, you can simply reply on that message thread to continue to communication. Any further messages from the same user will be part of the same Slack thread.

Can we restrict Web Chat to only show for certain customers?

  • No, Thena will not be able to restrict who sees the plugin as of today. To limit Web Chat from showing for certain customers, you can block the web SDK from loading for the customers that you want to restrict.

Are CSATs currently supported in the Web Chat product?

  • No, CSATs are currently not supported in the Web Chat product.