Microsoft Teams connector: Our MS Teams bridge allows you to assist Teams-using customers, without having to leave Slack. Learn more here.

Escalation management: Our Slack escalation structure makes it easy to manage escalated requests. This user guide will walk you through the setup and usage, including configuration and usage flow.

Resolution closure SLA: Alert a designated Slack channel whenever there's a delay in closing a request. Thena accommodates SLAs spanning from 15 minutes to 30 days. Learn more here.

Customize working hours: Configure working hours uniformly across all days or customize them for each individual day, ensuring improved alerts, analytics, and auto-responses. Learn more here.

Jira external links integration: Seamlessly connect Thena requests with Jira tickets to enhance workflow management. You can attach existing Jira tickets or create new ones directly from the Request Drawer, streamlining your workflow and improving productivity. Learn more here.

Introducing list view (Beta) πŸ“‘

Thena Tags

Easily toggle between List View and Board View, providing you with the flexibility to choose the display that suits your workflow. Activate "AI Title" to organize the list based on the titles provided by Thena's AI for each request, streamlining your view for efficient navigation.

Inspect request details (Beta)πŸ•΅οΈ

Thena Tags

Dive deeper into any message z in Slack by clicking on it to view key details. Understand when it was (or was not) converted into a request by Thena (and why), check its status, and explore the complete history of activity around the request. Gain a comprehensive, audit log-like overview, boosting your confidence with a full picture of past interactions. Learn more

Override AI urgency & sentiment πŸ”„

Thena Tags

Take control of urgency and sentiment settings! Previously determined by AI, now you have the ability to manually override them. For instance, change a positive sentiment to negative if needed, providing you with the customization and flexibility to align with your insights.

Reduced OpenAI Dependency 🌐

We've enhanced our resilience! Thena is now less dependent on OpenAI, minimizing any impact during instances when OpenAI is down. With added fallbacks through AWS Azure, we've diversified our dependencies, ensuring a more stable and reliable experience for you.

Support for merge Requests in kanban 🀝

Merge related cards within Kanban that pertain to the same request. This addition streamlines your workflow by consolidating information and reducing clutter, making it even easier to manage your tasks. Learn more

Other fixes/improvements:

Platform: Web chat

  • Anonymous users in Web-to-Slack can only see their own chats.
  • Enhanced the W2S Widget.
  • Show W2S messages in Kanban with a distinct icon.
  • Anonymous user messages no longer create new channels.
  • Added support for Auto Assign.

Product: Request Management

  • Mark requests as NOT a request if the original message is deleted.
  • Modified the Status dropdown Behavior.
  • MERGED now visible label in Kanban.
  • Enable web support replies for auto-assignment and support for SLA breach.
  • Corrected Request Statuses graph to show accurate values for Request Opened.
  • Fixed issue where replies weren't updated when requests were created via threaded messages.
  • Resolved missing 'Looking into it' button in App Home due to Ticketing integration.
  • Fixed negative Response Time display.
  • Added requests parameter in graph tooltips for Tag Performance.

Product: Marketing Automation

  • Introduced a template for holiday marketing campaigns.
  • Implemented the ability to delete a marketing campaign.

Product: Ticketing Connectors

  • Added the ability to create an Invisible Ticket.
  • Send updates to Freshdesk when a Slack message is edited by a user.
  • Improved formatting for Zendesk to Slack integration.
  • Fixed customer inability to create a ticket in Zendesk.
  • Ensured full synchronization of comments from Zendesk to Slack.

Product: Internal Helpdesk

Resolved the issue where the main message deletion didn't cancel the request.

πŸ’‘Improvement: Faster and more efficient Kanban

Thena Tags

Virtualization and Index DB: We've supercharged Kanban with virtualization and index DB capabilities, significantly increasing the speed of interactions. πŸš€

Message preview: Hover over a card in Kanban, and you can quickly view the customer's message without opening the request drawer. It's a game-changer for those who want to get a sneak peek at the conversation. πŸ‘οΈ

βœ… New: Tag performance - true clarity on customer support

Thena Tags

Analyze customer requests and metrics by tags. For instance, if you've set up custom fields based on your products, Thena will automatically sort and tag customer requests according to different products. This feature provides you with valuable insights into how requests related to specific products are performing. 🏷️

βœ… New: Auto response to requests - effortless customer interaction

Enable pre-configured messages to be sent to customers when Thena detects a message as a request. For instance, you can set up a message like, "Thank you for reaching out, the team will start looking into it," and enable it to appear in the customer request thread as if you sent it. πŸ“¨

Thena Marketing Automation

πŸ’‘New:Β Select strategy for request detection - tailored visibility

Fine-tune the aggressiveness of request detection:

  • Conservative strategy: Choose this if you want to stay focused on the most urgent and actionable requests from your customers 🧐
  • Aggressive strategy: Opt for this if you prefer for AI to pick up higher volume of messages as requests in order to address customers proactively πŸš€

πŸ’‘New:Β Auto-populate custom field with AI | Tailor your tags

We understand the importance of personalized tagging to streamline your workflow. With this new feature, you can create custom tags tailored to your business needs. But here's the magic: our AI system will learn and automatically sort incoming requests based on these customized tags. Say goodbye to manual sorting and hello to unparalleled efficiency!

Thena Tags

βœ… New:Β New additions in analytics | Enhanced insights**

Thena Analytics

We're constantly working to provide you with better insights into your operations. Our latest analytics update includes exciting features like:

Viewing request performance during working hours vs. overall performance.
Quick daily, weekly, and monthly filters to help you analyze data with greater flexibility and precision.

These additions to our analytics suite will empower you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your processes more effectively.

πŸ” New: Edit audiences when broadcasting in Slack | Complete control

For those of you who regularly use our broadcasting feature in Slack, we've got an amazing enhancement for you. Now, you can edit your audience segments with ease. Add, remove, or change segments as you see fit. This level of control allows you to tailor your messages precisely to your intended recipients, ensuring your communications are more effective than ever.

Thena Marketing Automation

πŸ’‘ New: Auto-send requests to any connector | Seamless integration

Are you tired of the manual task of sending requests to connectors like Zendesk or Freshdesk? Well, we have great news! With Thena, you can now set up automatic request forwarding to the connector of your choice. No more tedious, time-consuming tasks. Simply enable this feature and watch your productivity soar. Plus, you can even send all your Slack messages in a channel to any connector. And if you want to be more selective, just mark a message with a ticket emoji, and it'll be sent automatically..

πŸ’‘New: Request Analytics [Beta]

Unlock the power of data with Request Analytics, offering insights into first response time, Request Age, CSAT, and Request Trends across customers. Dive into Capacity Planning like never before and utilize Tag Analytics to spot trends across requests over time. With a comprehensive view of sentiment, engagement, resolution, and response times, empower your teams and executives to make informed decisions, driving strategic growth.

Thena Web to Slack

πŸ’‘ New: Salesforce CRM Integration [Beta]

Now, you can effortlessly send requests from Slack to Salesforce, bridging the gap between your communication and customer relationship management. With access to over 60 fields, including Request, Contact, CSAT, Links, and AI Summaries, you can pull in essential information to enrich your interactions. Whether it's via CRM or Webhook, experience the convenience of connecting Thena and Slack data to external tools like Salesforce or HubSpot, ensuring a unified customer view across platforms.

πŸ” New: Customer Support Metrics Dashboard

Experience in-depth customer support metrics, including an Internal Helpdesk that allows employees to submit ticket requests without leaving Slack. Get a bird's-eye view of all support channels in a cohesive timeline with the new Kanban feature. Empower your leadership with data-driven insights through comprehensive analytics, making resource and capacity planning a breeze.

Thena Web to Slack

βœ… New: CSAT for Requests

Capture valuable insights from satisfied customers with Post-Resolution Feedback. After resolving a request, seamlessly collect feedback from the end user. You can choose to request ephemeral ratings of the service, collected only from the individual who received assistance, or request generic feedback, open to anyone willing to provide input. Enhance your understanding of customer satisfaction and improve your support processes.

βœ… New: External Links

Effortlessly populate information from connected URLs associated with requests from systems like Figma, Shortcut, Jira, and Notion. With custom workflows and updates on status, assigned tasks, and notifications, this feature takes your workflow management to the next level, ensuring you're always in the loop.

πŸ’‘New Product: Web to Slack

Thena now enables you to seamlessly connect your web app to Slack, empowering automatic request detection and triage. Set up Thena's messenger by embedding our provided HTML code into your web app. Once activated, your customers will be able to reach you on Slack via the web app β€” while you continue to assign, manage and respond to customer queries directly from Slack. Responses will be instantly visible to customers within the web app, as you effortlessly handle all communication without juggling multiple platforms. After resolving a request, agents will receive an AI-generated summary of the interaction.

Thena Web to Slack

πŸ’‘New Product: Email to Slack

With Thena's latest update, email is no longer siloed from Slack. Your teams can now stay within Slack to respond to customer emails, all while enjoying Thena's broader capabilities of request detection, triage and workflows β€” using AI, CRM and ticketing integrations, analytics and more. Assign, respond to and manage requests seamlessly from within Slack and Kanban boards. No more switching between systems; team responses are instantly relayed via email, ensuring smooth communication with customers.

Thena Email to Slack

πŸ” New Feature: Thena Search

Your ultimate personal assistant for enhanced search capabilities across Thena! Using AI, Thena Search revolutionizes how you navigate and find information across your customer and internal communications. Say goodbye to manual searches, as you easily sift through customer messages, internal communications, IDs, links, AI-generated titles and summaries, tags, assignees, and more. Searching on Kanban has never been more efficient; type in your desired keywords, and Thena Search will do the rest β€” promptly populating a comprehensive list of all relevant information tied to your search term. Save valuable time and effort as you seamlessly find what you need, precisely when you need it.

βœ… New Functionality: API Endpoint Updates

A developer friendly endpoint has been created for you to leverage Thena data to build your analytics and workflows from the system of your choice

βœ… New Functionality: Merge Requests

Customers often raise issues that are related. Now, you can group multiple requests into one parent request, and keep track of unique underlying context.

βœ… New Functionality: Mandatory Tags

Tags have historically enabled users to keep track of common asks, dependencies and more β€” but tags have been optional. Now, you can mark a tag as mandatory to ensure that it is filled before you close a request.

βœ… New Functionality: Download Full Request Details

Every single data point associated with a request is now downloadable, along with relevant aggregated analytics.

βœ… New Functionality: Support for URL Links

Often, a request is associated with a relevant web link (for example, an engineering ticket, help documentation etc). You can now tag the web link in the request itself.