Hubspot CRM

Sync Hubspot CRM data with Thena


You will need the App Marketplace access permission set to install this app.


  1. Log in to your Thena Dashboard.
  2. On the left-hand side menu, click on the 'Integrations' tab.
  3. Scroll down to find 'Hubspot Integration'.
  4. Click on the 'Enable' button next to it.

:white-check-mark: Your HubSpot Integration is now set up.


Currently, we support configurations for Companies section in HubSpot.

Default Fields

CRM FieldThena FieldField TypeDefault MappingDisplayed in UI
{User Select}DomainDefaultCompany Domain Name:white-check-mark:
{User Select}Contract ValueDefault0:white-check-mark:
{User Select}Contract CurrencyDefaultUSD:white-check-mark:
{User Select}Customer TypeDefaultType:white-check-mark:

Custom Fields

By default, Thena pulls all fields from the Companies section in HubSpot. These can be mapped to existing Thena fields or used to create a new field in Thena.

Creating a New Field in Thena

  1. Enter the field name and select 'Create {Field Name}' at the bottom.

    Creating a new field in Thena


To remove specific mappings, simply delete the row from the Configuration screen.

Enhanced Features

Auto Sync on Updated fields

The moment a mapped field in your Hubspot instance is updated (say an account goes from Prospect -> Customer), Thena auto syncs the relevant value to ensure you have a seamless experience.

Enumerated Values from CRM

Enumerated CRM field values are automatically populated in Thena upon mapping.

HubSpot Integration in Kanban View

  • Custom Filtering: Use HubSpot fields for powerful filtering in Kanban/List View.
  • Account Insights: Access comprehensive account details within the Request Kanban for each issue.

Advanced Analytics Filtering

  • In-depth Analysis: Apply Account Data for detailed analytics, offering insights across Requests, Summaries, and Tags.


How can I map 'Deals' or other HubSpot section fields to Thena?

Implement a HubSpot automation to map fields from the desired section to Companies. Then, use the configuration feature to map these fields to Thena.

Will changes to a mapped field in my CRM automatically update in Thena?

Yes, Thena fields are synchronized in real-time with CRM changes. For example, if the Company Name in your CRM is updated, Thena will reflect this change immediately.

I want to send each request in Thena to Hubspot. How do I do this?

Follow the integration guide to sync Thena requests with Hubspot.
Important: Hubspot's Enterprise Edition is necessary due to the use of Custom Objects for transferring detailed request data at the company level.