Connectors: Hubspot Tickets

How the Hubspot integration works

Hubspot tickets is popular as a ticketing system, especially for organisations that have Hubspot as a CRM. From the basic bi-directional flows, to more advanced settings that unify customer experience and relevant data, you can set up the integration to your requirement.

How to set it up

To integrate your Hubspot instance, simply go to this link, and

  1. Click on the 'Add Integration' button next to Hubspot.
  2. Click on the 'Connect with Hubspot' button
  3. Next, select the account and allow Thena to get the relevant accesses that will help it in automating your workflows and creating a seamless experience for both your customer and your support agent.

🎊 Congratulations - Hubspot Integration is now complete 🎊

Configure the Integration

Thena allows you to setup your Hubspot integration basis your support processes and preferences. Simply go to the Thena webapp Integrations page and click on 'View Integration' under the Hubspot card.

  1. Hubspot response medium

    What will be the response medium from Hubspot? There are two options
  2. Notes:

    Currently supported. All bi-directional communication between Hubspot Tickets with Notes and Slack is enabled using Thena.
  3. Conversations

    Coming Soon. Highlight your interest/ask
  4. Account Configuration

    Each channel can be mapped to a specific company in Hubspot. This ensures that your existing support processes, reporting and analytics are not impacted. Simply select the relevant account name in Hubspot to the individual channel in Slack.