Send request created on Thena to Rootly


Rootly is an incident management platform that helps automate manual admin work during incidents. The Thena <> Rootly Integration is built for automating the creation of these incidents on Rootly. This ensures timely and efficient incident management, catering to different personas within an organization such as :

  • Customer Support Agents : When customers escalate requests, Thena automatically creates an incident on Rootly, enabling support agents to quickly address and resolve urgent customer concerns.

How does it Work?

At a high-level, using Rootly and Thena will enable a workflow where requests that are escalated or are determined to be sent out to Rootly, looks something like this:

  • A customer reaches out to the vendor (you) in Slack.
  • In the channel, incidents are automatically raised to Rootly in two specific scenarios:
  • All these scenarios can be configured while setting up Rootly configuration on the Thena app.

Get Started

  1. Generate an API Token on Rootly.
  2. Setup the Rootly credentials on the Thena Web App.

Generate an API token on Rootly

Generate a new API token. Follow the steps listed in the Rootly documentation here. We do not recommend using an existing token as that can lead to issues if the token is ever removed.

Setup the Rootly credentials on the Thena Web App

Go to the The Thena Web App and click on 'Add Integration' under Rootly. You should see the following modal (below)

  • Click on Connect on the top right of the modal.
  • Select the configuration of your choice in order to create incidents on Rootly.


What is the purpose of integrating Thena with Rootly?

Our integration with Rootly enhances incident management by automatically creating new incidents on Rootly against Thena requests, streamlining response processes and improving efficiency.

Can users customize the incident creation process from our platform to Rootly?

Yes, users can configure only certain requests to be reflected on Rootly incidents, allowing for tailored incident management workflows.

Is there a way to track and manage incidents created from Thena in Rootly?

Users can track and manage incidents directly on Rootly’s dashboard, where all incidents created through our integration are visible and manageable.

Does editing an incident on Rootly, affect the request created on Thena?

The Thena <> Rootly integration is unidirectional. Based on the configured settings in Thena, incidents created in Rootly correspond to the details of the related request on Thena.

What measures are in place to ensure the security of data shared between our platform and Rootly?

We adhere to strict data security protocols, ensuring that all data transferred between Thena and Rootly is encrypted and secure.