Internal Helpdesk

Request Detection and associated workflows can now be used for your internal teams

What is Internal Helpdesk

Internal Help Desk is the use of Thena Request Management, but for your internal needs. Imagine you need to keep track of requests for your IT department, as new hires come onboard and require equipment. The internal helpdesk will allow your team to capture & document all incoming requests without having to leave Slack.

The easiest way to set it up is by adding Thena to an internal channel using the @thena command in Slack. This will then show the following message:

Make sure you select “Internal Helpdesk”. Once complete, Thena will allow you to configure the following:

Settings for Internal Helpdesk

AgentsThe users that should be marked as agents. Agents will be responsible for triaging incoming requests. Auto-detection will not pick up "requests" from agents.Not Set
Auto AssignEnable auto assign response to first responderDisabled
Use EmojisUse the :eyes: and :white-check-mark: emoji to look into or close requestsDisabled
Auto RespondEnable an auto-reply whenever a request is detected by ThenaDisabled
Allow Request DetectionEnable Thena to use our detection AI to recognize and automatically raise incoming requests on the channel (recommend keeping on at all times)Enabled

If you need to make changes, or edit your configs, you can do so directly in Slack by going to the channel and typing “/thena global config”

Here is an example of a configuration where Harsh is set as support agent.


Blocking Request Detection will lead to Thena NOT detecting requests automatically for this channel

To edit these configurations, you can go to any of the following:

  • '/thena global config' -> Internal Helpdesk -> Select Channel
  • '/thena channel config' -> Select Channel
  • Thena App Home -> (Settings CTA) -> Internal Helpdesk -> Select Channel

Requestor View

When a requestor sends a message on the channel, they get an Auto Response as per your settings.

Auto Reply

Auto Reply

Status update on the thread and :eyes: emoji added to the message

Status update on the thread and :eyes: emoji added to the message

Status update on thread and :white-check-mark: emoji added to the message

Status update on thread and :white-check-mark: emoji added to the message

Agent View

The assigned Agents/SMEs receives ephemeral with the following actions:

New External TicketConvert the request into an external ticket if the integration is enabled
Looking Into ItAssign the request to myself
Assign to someoneAssign the request to someone else
CloseClose the request
Actionable CTAs visible only to the Agent/SME

Actionable CTAs visible only to the Agent/SME

What’s Next