Internal Helpdesk

Request Detection and associated workflows can now be used for your internal teams


Internal Help Desk is the use of Thena Request Management, but for your internal needs. Imagine you need to keep track of requests for your IT department, as new hires come onboard and require equipment. The internal helpdesk will allow your team to capture & document all incoming requests without having to leave Slack.

The easiest way to set it up is by adding Thena to an internal channel using the @thena command in Slack. This will then show the following message:

Make sure you select “Internal Helpdesk”. Once complete, Thena will allow you to configure the following:

Getting Started

Add Thena to an Internal Channel using the '@Thena' command in Slack. When added, you will get a message like below. Select 'Internal Helpdesk'. It will prompt you to add agents (your team members who will be supporting this channel as an agent). Once you add agents, everyone who is not an agent will be treated as your customer and relevant requests will be raised for them.


Select Agents NAAgents/ SMEs for the internal helpdesk channel
Select User GroupsNAUser groups associated to the internal helpdesk
Enable internal triageNAEnable triage channel for requests detected on the internal helpdesk
Select triage channelNAChoose a channel (internal) to redirect the internal helpdesk requests on.
Auto Assign TrueAssign the request to the first responder
Use Emojis TrueAdding 👀 will assign the request to the user and ✅ will close the request.
Auto Respond FalseAuto Respond to a detected request
Auto Respond Message NAAuto Respond Message for detected requests
Allow Request DetectionTrueThis allows Thena to automatically detect messages as request.
⚠️Disabling this will lead to Thena not detecting incoming messages as requests.

If you need to make changes, or edit your configs, you can do so directly in Slack by going to the channel and typing “/thena global config” -> select Internal Helpdesk -> select the relevant channel.

Triage channel

Just like customer requests get detected on an internal triage channel, you can configure internal helpdesk requests to be routed on triage channels also.


To improve efficiency, it's recommended to create a separate triage channel exclusively for internal helpdesk issues.

User groups

You can create new or use existing user groups to be associated to the internal helpdesk channel.

Imagine you've created a channel specifically for HR-related inquiries. By associating user groups like "hr-recruiters" and "hrbp" with this channel, if these groups are tagged in any other channel, it will create a request and be routed to the triage channel. Learn more about Off-channel request detection.


Blocking Request Detection will lead to Thena NOT detecting requests automatically for this channel

To edit these configurations, you can go to any of the following:

  • '/thena global config' -> Internal Helpdesk -> Select Channel
  • '/thena channel config' -> Select Channel
  • Thena App Home -> (Settings CTA) -> Internal Helpdesk -> Select Channel

Here is an example of a configuration where Harsh is set as support agent# Features

Requestor View

When a requestor sends a message on the channel, they get an Auto Response as per your settings.

Auto Reply

Auto Reply

Status update on the thread and :eyes: emoji added to the message

Status update on the thread and 👀 emoji added to the message

Status update on thread and :white-check-mark: emoji added to the message

Status update on thread and ✅ emoji added to the message

Agent View

The assigned Agents/SMEs receives ephemeral with the following actions:

New External TicketConvert the request into an external ticket if the integration is enabled
Looking Into ItAssign the request to myself
Assign to someoneAssign the request to someone else
CloseClose the request
Actionable CTAs visible only to the Agent/SME

Actionable CTAs visible only to the Agent/SME

Relevant Videos


I am unable to see the controls for the request in the Thread

  1. Confirm that you are configured as an Agent/ SME as the controls are visible ONLY to the Agent/ SME
  2. Was the message you are checking detected as a request? Was there a question asked?Check the Thena Slack App Home to confirm the same.
    Controls are visible to the Agent/ SME only in the thread of detected requests

A message did not get detected as a request, how can I convert it into a request?

  1. Use our message shortcut of Assign To by clicking on the 3 dots on the message and selecting the message action of Assign To
  2. If you do not find the Assign To message action, select More actions and search for the same

What happens to the auto response message if I convert the request to a ticket

If you convert the request to a ticket, the auto response message is updated with the Ticket ID of the external ticketing tool.

I did not click on any button, why did the request get assigned to me

  1. Were you the first responder of the request? If the settings for auto assign to the first responder was enabled, we assign the request to the first responder.
  2. Was the request assigned to you by someone?
    Check the Auto Reply message (first message in thread) for status updates to know if someone had assigned you the request. You can also do so in the Thena App Home section on Slack.


View auto assignment configuration by using /Thena Global Config -> Internal Helpdesk -> Select channel name in Slack

Can I change the triage channel for an internal helpdesk after it has been configured?

Yes, you can change the triage channel by updating the configurations for the respective internal helpdesk.

What’s Next