Enhance customer collaboration on Slack with Thena

Thena is your ultimate solution for managing customer interactions on Slack, providing a platform designed for businesses whose customers also operate within Slack. Using AI, Thena efficiently identifies and handles customer messages, ensuring seamless communication and effective resolution.

Modes of Slack interaction with customers

Thena offers diverse interaction options on Slack, enabling businesses to effectively manage both customer and internal communications.

Customer channel

Seamlessly connect with other companies on Slack, making communication with external parties as straightforward as with internal teams.

  1. Slack Connect channel: Collaborate directly with customers in shared Slack channels, eliminating the need to toggle between different workspaces and leveraging default Slack Connect features.
  2. Slack guest channel: Extend invitations to customers, enabling them to participate in specific channels within your organization's Slack workspace, even if Slack Connect isn't available.
Use casesDescription
Slack TriageTrack customer messages from email, web, and Slack. Convert them into AI requests and notify a Slack channel.
KanbanStreamline customer requests with customizable lanes, offering detailed card views for summaries, chats, replies, statuses, CRM integration, and more.
StatusesThena's request system keeps things organized with main statuses, smart sub-statuses powered by AI, customizable workflows, and automations to help track and solve requests faster.
SLAs & AlertsAutomate SLA alerts, grouping customer messages, and auto-replies, ensuring timely responses and efficient communication management.
EscalationsEfficiently manage escalated issues in Slack with Thena Escalation Management, ensuring prompt resolution and customer satisfaction.
Custom fieldsCustom fields for requests offer versatile organization and analytics, with AI assistance for automated population and efficient workflow optimization.
CSATCSAT for Requests in Slack lets you gather customer feedback directly in Slack. Measure sentiment and evaluate your team's performance and areas for improvement.
AutomationsStreamline customer Slack channel management with automated responses for offline queries, thread tracking for on-hold statuses, and reopening closed requests upon customer replies.
External ticketingCreate a Zendesk or Salesforce cases ticket from Slack.

Internal helpdesk channel

Facilitate internal communications among team members, streamlining helpdesk operations for enhanced efficiency.

Implementing Thena into your Slack environment transforms how you interact with customers, turning every conversation into an opportunity for enhanced collaboration and customer satisfaction. Whether managing internal team requests or external customer messages, Thena offers a comprehensive, AI-driven approach to streamlining your Slack communication workflows. Learn more about Thena's end-to-end Request Management here.