Thena facilitates auto and manual assignment of requests, whether to first responders or CSMs, across various platforms for flexibility.

Auto assignment in Thena occurs either to the first responder or to a Customer Success Manager (CSM). First responder assignment is triggered by internal responses on threads, while CSM assignment is set up in configuration. Manual assignment is available across various platforms without significant usage limitations.

Auto assignment

  • Auto-assigned to first responder - if a request is detected by Thena and an internal user responds back on thread to the customer, then Thena auto-detects the response and will assign that individual the ticket.
  • Auto-assign to CSM - if you set up a CSM in your Thena configuration, they will automatically be assigned the request by Thena.

For auto assignment, Thena will send a Slack DM to the user that is on the request

Manual assignment

Requests in Thena can be assigned to any team member with access to the platform. Assignments can be made manually from Slack Triage Channels, Slack App Home, and Kanban.


Question: Is there anything that may limit one of the platforms from being used often (e.g. Thena Web App vs Thena Slack App vs Thena in Triage?

  • No, for the most part its on personal preference. We do find the Thena Web App or the Thena Slack Appto provide a better end-user experience.