Request Management: Workflow Automation

Request Workflow Automations are designed to keep you and your team on top of all incoming customer requests. Below are all the automations Thena has:

Auto Assignment

Auto-assigned to first responder - if a request is detected by Thena and an internal user responds back on thread to the customer, then Thena auto-detects the response and will assign that individual the ticket.
Auto-assign to CSM - if you set up a CSM in your Thena configuration, they will automatically be assigned the request by Thena.

For auto assignment, Thena will send a Slack DM to the user that is on the request

Customer Tracking

Thena can use emoji’s to convey that the request is being looked into/worked on and when its complete/closed out

👀 = the request is being looked into/worked on. This will be added to the request when someone picks up the request
:white-check-mark: = the request has been closed out/completed. This will be added to the request when someone closes the request

By default this is enabled in Thena, but you can add more custom configurations here

Send status update on slack thread - Thena will automatically update status when changes are made

By default this is disabled in Thena, but you can add more custom configurations here

Conversation Grouping

Thena earmarks the timestamp at which a customer creates the initial request. If any additional requests are made within the next 2 mins, then Thena will group these requests as a single request.

You can remove this feature, at which point Thena will create one request per message. For more information on best practices, please consult a Thena specialist


Question: Is there anything that may limit one of the platforms from being used often (e.g. Thena Web App vs Thena Slack App vs Thena in Triage?

  • No, for the most part its on personal preference. We do find the Thena Web App or the Thena Slack Appto provide a better end-user experience.

Question: Can I create custom workflows utilizing my own set of emojis?

  • Great question, and today it is limited to the ones we highlighted above. We’re happy to consider others, so please reach out to us in order to make a suggestion.

Question: Can I control the keywords that Thena uses to detect a request?

  • Thena’s request detection is done using OpenAI. We believe this is the most sophisticated detection possible that also saves you time having to read through everything. At the same time, you can turn this off and make it so that you would have to raise each request manually. We do not recommend that, however.