Request Management: Triage Channel

Use Request Management from your internal Slack triage channel

Manage Requests from Customers

During the How to Get Started process you should have set up an internal triage channel. This is a centralized channel for all incoming customer requests.

If you prefer to do a 1:1 internal to external channel, you can do so from either the channel config or by using the Web App config.

Request Management using the Thena Triage Channel

With Request Management you can do the following:

  1. Take a customer request

  • You can take a request by either responding on the customer shared Slack channel or via the internal triage channel. This makes you the assignee & owner of the request.
  1. Assign the request to someone

  • In the internal Slack triage channel (refer back to this guide, if needed) you can click on "assign" and use the dropdown to pick a colleague
  1. Create a ticket to re-route to a ticketing platform

  • Another common workflow is to take & document customer conversations from Slack to your in-house ticketing system. Thena currently has a direct integration with Zendesk, HubSpot, Intercom, and Salesforce. Find out more about our existing integrations, here.
  1. Close the Request

  • Similar to a ticketing platform, once you have resolved the issue you can go ahead and “close”. In the Slack triage channel if you “close” you will see “[name] has closed this request today at [time]”