Salesforce CRM-> Thena


Currently, we support configurations for the Companies section in Salesforce.

Default Fields

Below is a table of the default field mappings between Salesforce CRM and Thena. These mappings are designed to synchronize essential company information seamlessly.

CRM FieldThena FieldField TypeDefault MappingDisplayed in UIUse Case
NameDefaultCompany Name❌Mapping Slack Channel
{User Select}DomainDefaultCompany Domain Nameβœ…Mapping Slack Channel
{User Select}Contract ValueDefault0βœ…Displaying in Kanban
{User Select}Contract CurrencyDefaultUSDβœ…Displaying in Kanban
{User Select}Customer TypeDefaultTypeβœ…Displaying in Kanban, Filters
  • {User Select} indicates that the field requires manual selection or input from the user.
  • The "Displayed in UI" column indicates whether the field is visible in the Thena user interface.

Custom Fields

Thena can pull all available fields from the Companies section in Salesforce CRM. These fields can either be mapped to existing fields in Thena or used to create new custom fields within Thena.

Creating a New Field in Thena

  1. Navigate to the field mapping interface in Thena.

  2. Enter the desired field name in the provided text box.

  3. Select 'Create {Field Name}' to add the new field to your Thena configuration.

    Creating a new field in Thena


Note: To remove specific mappings, simply delete the row from the Configuration screen.

Enhanced Features

Integrating Salesforce CRM with Thena unlocks several advanced features designed to streamline your workflow and enhance data visibility.


On connection with SFDC, Accounts in CRM will be mapped to Slack Channels using a combination of CRM Account Name and Website. Both of these are configurable in Thena.

Auto Sync on Updated Fields

Thena automatically synchronizes any updates made to mapped fields within Salesforce CRM. For instance, if an account status changes from Prospect to Customer, Thena will immediately reflect this update to ensure data consistency.

Enumerated Values from CRM

When a field with enumerated values (like dropdown menus) in Salesforce CRM is mapped to a field in Thena, all possible values are automatically populated within Thena, simplifying data entry and maintenance.

Salesforce CRM Integration in Kanban View

  • Custom Filtering: Leverage Salesforce CRM fields to apply powerful filters in Thena's Kanban or List Views, enhancing task management and prioritization.
  • Account Insights: Directly access detailed account information from Salesforce CRM within Thena's Request Kanban, providing context for each task or issue.

Advanced Analytics Filtering

Utilize account data from Salesforce CRM to conduct in-depth analyses within Thena. This feature allows for a comprehensive understanding of Requests, Summaries, and Tags, facilitating data-driven decision-making.


How can I map 'Deals' or other Salesforce CRM section fields to Thena?

To map fields from sections other than Companies (e.g., Deals) in Salesforce CRM to Thena, you'll need to implement a Salesforce CRM automation. This automation should map the desired fields to the Companies section, which can then be synchronized with Thena using the configuration feature.

Will changes to a mapped field in my CRM automatically update in Thena?

Yes, any updates to fields in Salesforce CRM that are mapped to Thena will be synchronized in real-time. This ensures that changes, such as updates to a company name, are immediately reflected in Thena.

I want to send each request in Thena to Salesforce CRM. How do I do this?

To synchronize requests from Thena with Salesforce CRM, please refer to our detailed integration guide. Note that the use of Custom Objects for detailed request data synchronization at the company level requires Salesforce CRM's Enterprise Edition.