Connectors: Freshdesk

How the Freshdesk Integration works

As part of conversational ticketing, Thena has integrated with Freshdesk. This will enable organisations to serve their customers on Slack while letting their support teams work of Freshdesk.

Our strong bi-directional capabilities ensure that messages, attachments, rich text, emojis etc are all supported from Slack to Freshdesk and vice versa. We also allow configurability of default fields when creating a ticket, so that your processes do not need to change in order to use this integration.

As a part of this integration, a customer account can be mapped using their email id, and you can also assign the ticket to a specific individual.

How to set it up

To setup the Freshdesk integration, you need to complete 2 steps as a Freshdesk Admin.

GIF of the process

The Slack user converting the Channel message into a Freshdesk Ticket must have a Freshdesk account.

Webapp Setup

To begin the Thena integration with Freshdesk, go to this link and select Freshdesk -> Add Integration.

Link & API Key

  • Select the hyperlink for your Freshdesk domain. It will be in the format ''. Paste this in the base url.
  • Go to your Profile settings in Freshdesk (on the right -> Click on your initial and select 'My Profile Settings). Copy your API key on the right.

Freshdesk Setup

Rules for Ticket Updates

  1. Click on the ⚙️ icon and go to Automations

  2. Go to Ticket Updates and click on Add New Rule

  3. Create two new rules

    1. Thena Ticket Status Update (with the details below)

      URL :
      1. Context: Advanced

             "id": {{}}, 
             "status": "{{ticket.status}}" ,
             "ticket_url": "{{ticket.url}}",

    2. Thena Ticket Comments (with the details below)

      1. Context: Advanced

            "id": {{}},
            "comment": "{{ticket.latest_public_comment}}",
            "agent_name": "{{}}",
            "agent_email": "{{}}",
          "status": "{{ticket.status}}",
          "ticket_url": "{{ticket.url}}",

    🎊 Your Freshdesk integration is now ready to use. 🎊