Jira External Link


Welcome to the guide on integrating Jira as an external link with Thena. This integration aims to enhance workflow management by seamlessly connecting Thena requests with Jira tickets.


To enable Jira integration, head to Thena Web App -> Global Settings -> Integrations -> Jira and Connect with your Jira app. The setup process will take you through the OAuth authentication where you will need to allow the Thena Jira App to access your Thena workspace.


User Access Token

The Jira Integration works on the User Token that was used to connect to it. This means that the new tickets created created on Jira will come in as the user who authenticated the app on Thena.

If you re-authenticate with a new user, all subsequent tickets on Jira will start showing up with the new user.

We recommend that you create a service account on Jira e.g [email protected] so it's easier to identify that the tickets were created via Thena.

Once the setup is complete, you will be able to see the External Links section on your Request Drawer.

Linking Jira Tickets to Request

Once the integration is complete as defined in the Setup step above, you can attach Jira tickets to Requests in the following ways:

Existing Jira Ticket

You can attach an existing Jira ticket by:

  1. Pasting the link to the Jira Ticket on the Internal Triage Thread.
    To do this, simply copy the complete url of the Jira ticket and paste in on the Internal Triage Thread. The link will automatically be attached to the Request and you can see that on the Request Drawer for that particular request.
  2. Pasting the link to the Jira Ticket on the Internal Thread on the Request Drawer.
    To do this, open the Request Drawer for that specific request, open the Internal Thread tab and paste the link. While this method is supported, below is an are easier & more efficient method to attach a request from the Webapp.
  3. Searching for an existing ticket on Jira from Request Drawer
    You will see an External Links section on the Request Drawer (only when one of the External Links integrations are enabled). From there you can search for Jira tickets and attach to the request.
  4. Searching for an existing ticket on Jira from Slack Additional Actions Modal
    Coming Soon.

Create a new Jira Ticket

You can create a new ticket on Jira from either the Request Drawer. Here are a couple of things to know before you create the Jira Ticket


Things to know while creating Jira Ticket.

  1. By default, you will see all the Projects and Issue Types in Jira that the authenticated user has access to. If you wish to set up a default project or issue type so that you don't have to choose them every time, please reach out to us on Slack, and we can assist you in configuring that. This feature will be available in the user interface (UI) soon.
  2. Today we only support Title and Description fields when creating an External Links ticket.

Creating Jira Ticket from the Request Drawer

You can create a new ticket on Jira from the Request Drawer from the External Links section. If you have multiple External Links integrations setup, you can choose the destination for the ticket as Jira.


Ticket Linked on Jira as well as Request

Once the ticket is created, it will automatically be linked to the Request where you created it from, and the ticket on Jira will also have the Thena Request added as link so teams can move between Jira and Thena seamlessly and even the Engineering / Product team on Jira can have the complete customer context.

Creating Jira Ticket from the Slack Additional Actions modal

Coming soon


πŸ’₯ Support for Multiple Tickets

We support attaching multiple Jira tickets to one Request on Thena and also, attaching multiple Requests to one Jira Ticket.

Unlinking Request from Jira

You can also Unlink a Jira ticket that has been attached to the Request. Today, you can only unlink from the Request Drawer.

Unlinking the Request will remove the Request link from the Jira Ticket (Coming soon).

Note that Unlinking will not delete or remove the ticket that was created on Jira and nor will it change its status. The Request that was unlinked will stop receiving any change notifications from that particular Jira ticket.

Notifications from Jira

Once the Jira ticket is linked, you'll receive notification for following whenever there's an update for following fields:

Notification TypeVisible in
Change in Status:- Update status in Webapp external ticket preview.
- Internal Triage channel thread.
- Activities tab in the Request Drawer.
Change in Title:- Webapp external link preview.
Update due that:- Webapp external link preview.
Last Update Timeline:- Webapp external link preview.
Change/Update in Due Date:- Webapp external link preview.

Scopes needed on Jira

Here are the permissions that the Thena Jira App will ask for :

ActionJira AccessDetails
  • jira-configuration
  • jira-project

  • Perform Jira administration actions such as creating projects, custom fields, viewing workflows, and managing issue link types.

  • Create and edit project settings, along with new project-level objects (e.g., versions and components).

  • jira-user
  • jjira-work

  • View user information in Jira authorizing the user has access to, including usernames, email addresses, and avatars.

  • Read Jira project and issue data, search for issues, and access associated objects like attachments and worklogs.

  • jira-work

  • Create and edit issues in Jira.
  • Post comments as the user, create worklogs, and delete issues.


How do I create a new Jira ticket from Thena?

You can create a new Jira ticket from the Request Drawer's External Links section. Choose the destination as Jira and fill in the required details. By default, the ticket will be linked to the Thena request.

Can I create multiple Jira tickets for a single Thena request?

Yes, you can create multiple Jira tickets for a single Thena request. The links to these tickets will be associated with the corresponding Thena request.

How do I unlink a Thena request from a Jira ticket?

Unlinking will remove the Jira link from the Request. However, it won't delete or change the status of the ticket on Linear.

How can I customize the fields when creating a new Jira ticket from Thena?

Currently, it's not supported.

Can I link multiple Jira tickets to one Thena request or vice versa?

Yes, you can link multiple Jira tickets to one Thena request, and you can also link multiple Thena requests to one Jira ticket.

How can I check the status of a linked Jira ticket in Thena?

Hover over the Jira ticket link in the Thena web app to view the status of the linked Jira ticket. Additionally, you will receive notifications for status changes in the Request Drawer external link preview & activities tab, also notification will be posted to the Slack triage channel thread.