Get insights into Customer activity and engagement

While Slack is fantastic for customer engagement, and providing your customer with white glove treatment, it is fast becoming the equivalent of a treasure trove of non queryable data (ala Salesforce).

As your customer conversations increase in Slack, the level of transparency into your quality of service is minimal. Slack data is isolated from your CRM data, and that makes it even harder to identify your current state of customer engagement on Slack.

Thena has the ability to generate Workspace analytics, while also enabling Time Series Insights on Customer collaboration.

We are excited for the value that you drive out of these insights, and would love to hear from you on what additional insights would be helpful to you. Analytics is currently locked by default. In order to enable it for your workspace, you can reach out to us using our messenger.


Thena needs to be added on the relevant customer channels in order to pull analytics for the relevant channels