Localhost Configuration

Playground for Web to Slack on your Localhost


Local Port

Port 3001 is specifically whitelisted for the test mode so make sure you keep the app port to 3001.

  1. Install Thena by going to the webapp (Installation is feature gated, so do reach out to us for enablement)

  2. Open Terminal (on Mac) and do the following

    1. Install Brew: https://mac.install.guide/homebrew/3.html
    2. Install Caddy: brew install caddy
    3. Create a HTML file with the below
  3. Go to Web to Slack settings (This page is feature gated, so do reach out to us for enablement)

    1. Enter the domain as : http://www.localhost:3001, the relevant brand colors, widget title and subtitle.

    2. Set Test Mode on and click 'Submit' or 'Save'.

    3. You will see the below additional fields

      1. Private Key (to be used when you want to implement email hashing)
      2. API Key (will be useful in Demo mode)
      3. Default Channel created for Thena (this will be a new channel where all the Web to Slack communication will flow initially).
    4. Update the HTML by updating the API key and relevant email address per below (you can use a software like Sublime Text)

      <html lang="en">
          <!-- Thena Widget -->
            window.thenaWidget = {
                thenaKey: 'API_KEY',
                email: 'ENTER_SAMPLE_EMAIL'
          <script async>
            ;(function (window, document) {
              ;(window.thena = {}), (m = ['update', 'setEmail'])
              window.thena._c = []
                (me) =>
                  (window.thena[me] = function () {
                    window.thena._c.push([me, arguments])
              var elt = document.createElement('script')
              elt.type = 'text/javascript'
              elt.async = true
              elt.src = 'https://cdn.prd.cloud.thena.ai/shim.js'
              elt.onload = function () {
              var before = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]
              before.parentNode.insertBefore(elt, before)
            })(window, document)
          <!-- End of Thena Widget -->
        <h1> Welcome to (c)Thena  </h1>
  4. Terminal

    1. Go to the location where you downloaded the html (cd /Desktop if it was the Desktop)
    2. Run this in terminal: caddy file-server --browse --listen :3001
    3. Open an Incognito Tab and type http://localhost:3001
      1. Open test.html
      2. (Optional) Refresh the tab


You should now see the Web to Slack widget on the bottom right