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Acquire, service, and grow customers on Slack

It's easy to communicate with your Customers on Slack with Thena. πŸš€
Using Thena and Slack together is a great way to engage your customers, while ensuring that your internal tools and processes scale along with the number of Slack Connect channels.

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The role of data governance at Thena highlights our commitment to customer data. Read more about our data governance and security policies here


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Who Uses Thena

  • Customer Support teams who want to track and squash bugs while keeping it conversational with customers.
  • Marketing teams who want to capture attention and promote products in conversation; right when intent is at it's highest.
  • Customer Success teams and Account Executives who want the ability to swarm in on conversations to help customers succeed.
  • Product Managers who need a simple way to communicate with users to gather feedback and attain insights on how they engage with the product.

Why Thena

We help you get organised in conversations with customers, and provide a lot of powerful analytical capabilities under the hood. Get actionable insights on customer sentiment, engagement, churn, upsell and cross sell opportunities. All within Slack!

What does it offer?

One of the biggest pain points in having multiple Slack Channels with customers is that there is a likelyhood of missing customer asks. With our Request capability, we can alert you when a Customer Request has been detected. To make this feature more powerful, we also have the ability to assign the request (or even a message) to an individual.


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If you forget to reply to a customer message, then the First Response SLA will ensure that you are alerted and can take the relevant action. All the alerts are configurable, to best suit your requirement.

If your support team uses an email ticketing tool like Zendesk, Freshdesk, Intercom, and your customers are on Slack, then our integrations will allow bi directional ticketing. An example is shown in the Hubspot Tickets video below.

Note that Ticketing also includes an escalation feature, where a customer/internal team can escalate a ticket to ensure appropriate visibility.

Lastly, we have developed powerful Customer analytics across your workspace. No longer will your Slack data be in a silo - Now use it to drive decision making, identify challenges in Customer Experience, improve existing processes, and do better capacity planning.

Have more questions?

Don't hesitate to reach out if you want to discuss whether Thena is right for your organisation.