Shortcut Integration


The Thena-Shortcut integration allows users to seamlessly link Shortcut stories with Thena Requests. This linkage ensures real-time updates in Thena whenever a story is modified in Shortcut. Additionally, a ping is sent in the notification thread of the triage channel when a linked Shortcut story's status is altered.

Setting up the Integration

Enable the Shortcut Integration:

  • Navigate to Global Settings -> Integrations tab.
  • Input the Shortcut API Token.

Obtain the Webhook URL:

  • Once the Shortcut API Token is entered, you'll be provided with a webhook URL.

Add Webhook to Shortcut:

  • Go to Shortcut -> Integrations -> Webhook.
  • Paste the previously provided URL.

Linking Shortcut Stories to Thena Requests

Via the Thena Kanban:

Via Notification Thread:

  • Simply paste the Shortcut story URL in the notification thread of the triage channel.

Notifications and Updates

  • The linked Shortcut story is updated in Thena in near real-time when any modifications are made in Shortcut.
  • A ping is sent in the notification thread of the triage channel when the status of a linked Shortcut story is changed. Only status updates are communicated; custom attribute updates are not.
  • One Thena Request can link to multiple Shortcut stories, and various Thena requests can relate to a single Shortcut story.
  • If one Shortcut story connects to multiple Thena Requests, all the linked requests' threads receive an update when the Shortcut story's status changes.