Shortcut External Link


Welcome to the guide on integrating Shortcut as an external link with Thena. This integration aims to enhance workflow management by seamlessly connecting Thena requests with Shortcut tickets.


Quickly connect Thena to Shortcut to streamline your workflow. Here’s how:

1. Generate Your API Token

Start by obtaining your API token for authentication:

  • Navigate to Thena Web App > Global Settings > Integrations > Shortcut.
  • Click here to generate your Shortcut API Token.
  • Enter the generated API token back in the Thena Web App.

2. Set Up the Outgoing Webhook

To ensure Thena receives updates from Shortcut, an outgoing webhook is required:

  • Copy the URL provided on the Thena Web App > Global Settings > Integrations > Shortcut page.

Shortcut Integration Setup


After these steps, Thena will begin receiving updates from Shortcut. Look for the External Links section in your Request Drawer to see the integration in action.


An API token is tied to a user. If the user leaves the workspace, the API token will be invalid. We recommend creating a service account to integrate with Shortcut.

Linking existing Shortcut Tickets to Request

You can attach existing Shortcut tickets by:

  1. Pasting the link to the Shortcut Ticket on the Internal Triage Thread.
    To do this, simply copy the complete url of the Jira ticket and paste in on the Internal Triage Thread. The link will automatically be attached to the Request and you can see that on the Request Drawer for that particular request.
  2. Pasting the link to the Shortcut Ticket on the Internal Thread on the Request Drawer.
    To do this, open the Request Drawer for that specific request, open the Internal Thread tab and paste the link. While this method is supported, below is an are easier & more efficient method to attach a request from the Webapp.

Notifications from Shortcut

Once the Shortcut ticket is linked, you'll receive notification for following whenever there's an update for following fields:

Notification TypeVisible in
Change in Status:- Update status in Webapp external ticket preview.
- Internal Triage channel thread.
- Activities tab in the Request Drawer.


How can I customize the fields when creating a new Shortcut ticket from Thena?

Currently, it's not supported.

Can I link multiple Shortcut tickets to one Thena request or vice versa?

Yes, you can link multiple Shortcut tickets to one Thena request, and you can also link multiple Thena requests to one Jira ticket.

How can I check the status of a linked Shortcut ticket in Thena?

Hover over the Shortcut ticket link in the Thena web app to view the status of the linked Shortcut ticket. Additionally, you will receive notifications for status changes in the Request Drawer external link preview & activities tab, also notification will be posted to the Slack triage channel thread.