Send Requests to Hubspot CRM

Send each request to the relevant Hubspot Company


Hubspot Enterprise Edition Required

This integration utilizes Hubspot Custom Objects, which are available only in the Hubspot Enterprise Edition.

To integrate Thena Requests and associated metadata into each Company, Custom Objects need to be created in Hubspot. This is available with Hubspot's Enterprise Edition.

For a simpler solution, Thena summarizes Customer Activity notes per company for a duration (customizable).

Get Started

Head to the Thena Dashboard -> Settings -> Integrations and enable the Hubspot Integration.

Once you connect, the integration will do 3 things:

  1. It will create a Hubspot Custom Object named Thena Request
    1. For New Thena Request, a new instance of the object will be created.
    2. When the Thena Request is updated, the update is sync'd back to the same object instance.
  2. Account Metadata (Company Name & Hubspot Account ID) are mapped to the Slack Channel. This feature is in early beta
  3. Write Slack Activity data from External and Internal Slack Channels to Account Notes on Hubspot. This feature is in early beta


You are all set!


Here are the fields that will reflect on the Thena Request custom object on Hubspot

LabelDescriptionData Type
Account Hubspot company associated with the request.Lookup (Account)
AiTagsAI Tags detected by ThenaLong Text
Assigned ToUser name to whom the request is assigned toText
CSATFeedback shared by the customers once the request is closedRich Text
PermalinkLink to the message which was detected as the requestText
requestClosedAtDate and time at which the request was closed. This is in UTC time.Text
requestClosedByUser name who closed the requestText
requestCreatedAtDate and time at which the request was created. This is in UTC time.Text
requestInternalNotificationLinkLink to the internal Slack conversationURL
RequestorThe user/ customer who had sent the message in Slack which was detected as a requestLookup (Contact)
requestUpdatedAtDate and time at which the request was last updated atText
requestWebLinkURL for the Thena Web App for this requestURL
SentimentAI generated Sentiment of the requestText
StatusCurrent status of the requestPicklist
SummaryAI generated Summary of the requestText
Thena RequestIdRequest ID generated by ThenaText (External ID)
TitleAI generated Title of the requestText
UrgencyAI generated urgency of the requestText
Custom Tags and CategoriesCustom Tags and categories set by you in Thena.
These are created as separate fields. Eg: If you have a custom category of Product with the values of Request Management and Marketing Automation, we will create the field of name Product.