Configure a Channel in the Webapp

Your customers likely have different SLAs, and requirements. Thena has developed the ability to configure how you communicate with your customers on Slack.



  • Set an SLA for the channel (currently, only hours timeframe is supported).
  • All requests created will show the relevant SLA (only to your organisation).
  • Alerts will be configured accordingly, and will highlight SLA breaches to you.
    • Alerts are aggregated so as not to spam you.

Roles or Personas

Setup Personas to customise your alerts, escalations and more! Personas supported:

  • Primary CSM
  • Primary Exec Sponsor
  • Solutions Engineer
  • Customer Primary POC
  • Customer Primary Exec Sponsor

Why we recommend that you setup personas

Customised Alerts

  • When a request has been escalated or has breached SLA, Thena can notify your CSM, Solutions Engineer and Internal Sponsor.
  • First Response SLA and Request Detection: Whenever there is a detected customer request or an un-replied request, Thena will nudge the CSM/Solution engineer to take action.
  • Coming Soon
    • When a Customer POC or a Customer Exec Sponsor leaves a channel, Thena will notify your CSM, Solution Engineer and Internal Sponsor.
    • When the Customer POC / Customer Exec Sponsor activity is dropping, Thena will notify you (either through a channel or to your CSM, Solution Engineer and Internal Sponsor).


Ability to pull personas through your CRM directly is now live for Hubspot and Salesforce. Reach out to us for more details.