Product Updates - September 2023 πŸš€

πŸ’‘New: Request Analytics [Beta]

Unlock the power of data with Request Analytics, offering insights into first response time, Request Age, CSAT, and Request Trends across customers. Dive into Capacity Planning like never before and utilize Tag Analytics to spot trends across requests over time. With a comprehensive view of sentiment, engagement, resolution, and response times, empower your teams and executives to make informed decisions, driving strategic growth.

Thena Web to Slack

πŸ’‘ New: Salesforce CRM Integration [Beta]

Now, you can effortlessly send requests from Slack to Salesforce, bridging the gap between your communication and customer relationship management. With access to over 60 fields, including Request, Contact, CSAT, Links, and AI Summaries, you can pull in essential information to enrich your interactions. Whether it's via CRM or Webhook, experience the convenience of connecting Thena and Slack data to external tools like Salesforce or HubSpot, ensuring a unified customer view across platforms.

πŸ” New: Customer Support Metrics Dashboard

Experience in-depth customer support metrics, including an Internal Helpdesk that allows employees to submit ticket requests without leaving Slack. Get a bird's-eye view of all support channels in a cohesive timeline with the new Kanban feature. Empower your leadership with data-driven insights through comprehensive analytics, making resource and capacity planning a breeze.

Thena Web to Slack

βœ… New: CSAT for Requests

Capture valuable insights from satisfied customers with Post-Resolution Feedback. After resolving a request, seamlessly collect feedback from the end user. You can choose to request ephemeral ratings of the service, collected only from the individual who received assistance, or request generic feedback, open to anyone willing to provide input. Enhance your understanding of customer satisfaction and improve your support processes.

βœ… New: External Links

Effortlessly populate information from connected URLs associated with requests from systems like Figma, Shortcut, Jira, and Notion. With custom workflows and updates on status, assigned tasks, and notifications, this feature takes your workflow management to the next level, ensuring you're always in the loop.