Product Updates - October 2023 🚀

💡New: Auto-populate custom field with AI | Tailor your tags

We understand the importance of personalized tagging to streamline your workflow. With this new feature, you can create custom tags tailored to your business needs. But here's the magic: our AI system will learn and automatically sort incoming requests based on these customized tags. Say goodbye to manual sorting and hello to unparalleled efficiency!

Thena Tags

✅ New: New additions in analytics | Enhanced insights**

Thena Analytics

We're constantly working to provide you with better insights into your operations. Our latest analytics update includes exciting features like:

Viewing request performance during working hours vs. overall performance.
Quick daily, weekly, and monthly filters to help you analyze data with greater flexibility and precision.

These additions to our analytics suite will empower you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your processes more effectively.

🔍 New: Edit audiences when broadcasting in Slack | Complete control

For those of you who regularly use our broadcasting feature in Slack, we've got an amazing enhancement for you. Now, you can edit your audience segments with ease. Add, remove, or change segments as you see fit. This level of control allows you to tailor your messages precisely to your intended recipients, ensuring your communications are more effective than ever.

Thena Marketing Automation

💡 New: Auto-send requests to any connector | Seamless integration

Are you tired of the manual task of sending requests to connectors like Zendesk or Freshdesk? Well, we have great news! With Thena, you can now set up automatic request forwarding to the connector of your choice. No more tedious, time-consuming tasks. Simply enable this feature and watch your productivity soar. Plus, you can even send all your Slack messages in a channel to any connector. And if you want to be more selective, just mark a message with a ticket emoji, and it'll be sent automatically..