Product Updates - November 2023 🚀

💡Improvement: Faster and more efficient Kanban

Thena Tags

Virtualization and Index DB: We've supercharged Kanban with virtualization and index DB capabilities, significantly increasing the speed of interactions. 🚀

Message preview: Hover over a card in Kanban, and you can quickly view the customer's message without opening the request drawer. It's a game-changer for those who want to get a sneak peek at the conversation. 👁️

✅ New: Tag performance - true clarity on customer support

Thena Tags

Analyze customer requests and metrics by tags. For instance, if you've set up custom fields based on your products, Thena will automatically sort and tag customer requests according to different products. This feature provides you with valuable insights into how requests related to specific products are performing. 🏷️

✅ New: Auto response to requests - effortless customer interaction

Enable pre-configured messages to be sent to customers when Thena detects a message as a request. For instance, you can set up a message like, "Thank you for reaching out, the team will start looking into it," and enable it to appear in the customer request thread as if you sent it. 📨

Thena Marketing Automation

💡New: Select strategy for request detection - tailored visibility

Fine-tune the aggressiveness of request detection:

  • Conservative strategy: Choose this if you want to stay focused on the most urgent and actionable requests from your customers 🧐
  • Aggressive strategy: Opt for this if you prefer for AI to pick up higher volume of messages as requests in order to address customers proactively 🚀