Product Updates - December 2023 πŸš€

Introducing list view (Beta) πŸ“‘

Thena Tags

Easily toggle between List View and Board View, providing you with the flexibility to choose the display that suits your workflow. Activate "AI Title" to organize the list based on the titles provided by Thena's AI for each request, streamlining your view for efficient navigation.

Inspect request details (Beta)πŸ•΅οΈ

Thena Tags

Dive deeper into any message z in Slack by clicking on it to view key details. Understand when it was (or was not) converted into a request by Thena (and why), check its status, and explore the complete history of activity around the request. Gain a comprehensive, audit log-like overview, boosting your confidence with a full picture of past interactions. Learn more

Override AI urgency & sentiment πŸ”„

Thena Tags

Take control of urgency and sentiment settings! Previously determined by AI, now you have the ability to manually override them. For instance, change a positive sentiment to negative if needed, providing you with the customization and flexibility to align with your insights.

Reduced OpenAI Dependency 🌐

We've enhanced our resilience! Thena is now less dependent on OpenAI, minimizing any impact during instances when OpenAI is down. With added fallbacks through AWS Azure, we've diversified our dependencies, ensuring a more stable and reliable experience for you.

Support for merge Requests in kanban 🀝

Merge related cards within Kanban that pertain to the same request. This addition streamlines your workflow by consolidating information and reducing clutter, making it even easier to manage your tasks. Learn more

Other fixes/improvements:

Platform: Web chat

  • Anonymous users in Web-to-Slack can only see their own chats.
  • Enhanced the W2S Widget.
  • Show W2S messages in Kanban with a distinct icon.
  • Anonymous user messages no longer create new channels.
  • Added support for Auto Assign.

Product: Request Management

  • Mark requests as NOT a request if the original message is deleted.
  • Modified the Status dropdown Behavior.
  • MERGED now visible label in Kanban.
  • Enable web support replies for auto-assignment and support for SLA breach.
  • Corrected Request Statuses graph to show accurate values for Request Opened.
  • Fixed issue where replies weren't updated when requests were created via threaded messages.
  • Resolved missing 'Looking into it' button in App Home due to Ticketing integration.
  • Fixed negative Response Time display.
  • Added requests parameter in graph tooltips for Tag Performance.

Product: Marketing Automation

  • Introduced a template for holiday marketing campaigns.
  • Implemented the ability to delete a marketing campaign.

Product: Ticketing Connectors

  • Added the ability to create an Invisible Ticket.
  • Send updates to Freshdesk when a Slack message is edited by a user.
  • Improved formatting for Zendesk to Slack integration.
  • Fixed customer inability to create a ticket in Zendesk.
  • Ensured full synchronization of comments from Zendesk to Slack.

Product: Internal Helpdesk

Resolved the issue where the main message deletion didn't cancel the request.