Product Updates - August 2023 πŸš€

πŸ’‘New Product: Web to Slack

Thena now enables you to seamlessly connect your web app to Slack, empowering automatic request detection and triage. Set up Thena's messenger by embedding our provided HTML code into your web app. Once activated, your customers will be able to reach you on Slack via the web app β€” while you continue to assign, manage and respond to customer queries directly from Slack. Responses will be instantly visible to customers within the web app, as you effortlessly handle all communication without juggling multiple platforms. After resolving a request, agents will receive an AI-generated summary of the interaction.

Thena Web to Slack

πŸ’‘New Product: Email to Slack

With Thena's latest update, email is no longer siloed from Slack. Your teams can now stay within Slack to respond to customer emails, all while enjoying Thena's broader capabilities of request detection, triage and workflows β€” using AI, CRM and ticketing integrations, analytics and more. Assign, respond to and manage requests seamlessly from within Slack and Kanban boards. No more switching between systems; team responses are instantly relayed via email, ensuring smooth communication with customers.

Thena Email to Slack

πŸ” New Feature: Thena Search

Your ultimate personal assistant for enhanced search capabilities across Thena! Using AI, Thena Search revolutionizes how you navigate and find information across your customer and internal communications. Say goodbye to manual searches, as you easily sift through customer messages, internal communications, IDs, links, AI-generated titles and summaries, tags, assignees, and more. Searching on Kanban has never been more efficient; type in your desired keywords, and Thena Search will do the rest β€” promptly populating a comprehensive list of all relevant information tied to your search term. Save valuable time and effort as you seamlessly find what you need, precisely when you need it.

βœ… New Functionality: API Endpoint Updates

A developer friendly endpoint has been created for you to leverage Thena data to build your analytics and workflows from the system of your choice

βœ… New Functionality: Merge Requests

Customers often raise issues that are related. Now, you can group multiple requests into one parent request, and keep track of unique underlying context.

βœ… New Functionality: Mandatory Tags

Tags have historically enabled users to keep track of common asks, dependencies and more β€” but tags have been optional. Now, you can mark a tag as mandatory to ensure that it is filled before you close a request.

βœ… New Functionality: Download Full Request Details

Every single data point associated with a request is now downloadable, along with relevant aggregated analytics.

βœ… New Functionality: Support for URL Links

Often, a request is associated with a relevant web link (for example, an engineering ticket, help documentation etc). You can now tag the web link in the request itself.