Workspace Analytics: Time Series Explorer

Time Series Explorer

As your organization gets situated with Thena, trends will naturally start to appear in the way in which you handle your customers.

You may want to know:

  • How many requests have we serviced in the last 90 days? Is it more or less than the prior 90 days?
  • Which one of my Solutions Engineers has the most requested managed, in Slack?
  • Which channels are the most needy, in terms of total requests made?

Thena created the Time Series Explorer to answer these, and more.

Create a View

Filterable Options

ShowPick a metric for Thena to display in a time series view
Compare ByA group by capability that creates a breakdown on the selected value
Date RangeInput a start and end date to filter the data by
WhereAdd a filter, or multiple filters, to limit the metric selected in the show field