Workspace Analytics

Transparency into your customer engagement across channels

Workspace Analytics gives you both, a summary view of your customer channels, and a drill-down on core metrics across your channels. Through our CRM integrations, you also have the ability to pull key metrics like NPS, Account Health, ARR, and Account Tier and get a cross platform view of your customer engagement.

While leaders get the holistic view of interactions with customers, your Customer leaders/ Pod leaders will have the ability to filter by CSMs to see more granular insights into how their individual areas of influence is contributing to the broader organisational patterns.



This section includes summarised views on Total Shared Channels, Total Messages, Total Requests, First Response SLA Breaches, First Response Times, Total Tickets and Average Ticket Closure Time. To find out more about how these individual attributes are calculated, click here.

When you select the dates on the top right of the Workspace analytics page, the relevant data will update basis the time period selected. In order to showcase how the current metrics have moved, there will also be visual cues on how a particular metric has moved in the current time period when compared to the previous time period.

For example, if you select the time period as 09 Nov 2022 - 23 Nov 2022, then the reference arrows next to an attribute will highlight the comparison from 25 Oct 2022 - 08 Nov 2022.

The Green arrows represent favorable behaviors for the relevant time period, while the red arrows represent unfavorable behaviors for the said time period. The percentage change will give you an insight into how much the particular behavior has changed.


The analytics section has a breakdown of key attributes per channel, in a consumable tabular representation. Filtering can be done at a columnar level on the attributes within the table (ala excel filtering). The key attributes included in the channel wise breakdown include:

Account (Channel mapping to CRM), CSM, Messages, Requests, First Response Time and SLA Breach, Tickets, Average Ticket Closure Time, ARR, NPS, Account Health and Account Tier.

Sorting, Download and Pagination

Use the download icon to take your dataset offline in csv format. You can also sort by % change, and navigate the rows using the pagination on offer.

Attribute Descriptions

  • Total Shared Channels: The total Customer channels on your workspace where Thena is added.
  • Total Requests: The customer requests detected by Thena as actionable. These could include support requests, account requests, and even generic questions.
  • Total Tickets: The support tickets created with the relevant tool. The tool here could be Hubspot Tickets, Intercom, Freshdesk, Zendesk, Salesforce Cases or more.
  • Ticket Closure Time: This is the time taken to close a ticket. If you have a SLA for customer request resolution, or an internal Support SLA metric for resolution, then this becomes a key metric to track.
  • First Response SLA Breach: Setup the First Response SLA to be reminded whenever there is a lack of response to a customer message. You can also configure the First Response SLA to include working hours, holidays, count reactions as responses and more.
  • First Response Time Taken: This is the time taken to respond to a customer message. If you have a SLA for customer message response time, or an internal Support SLA metric for first response, then this becomes a key metric to track.
  • Channel/Account: In mapping your CRM Account to your customer channel, Thena now allows you to get broader perspective across your customer communication. This attribute is key to analysing customer engagement patterns.
  • CSM: With our CRM integration, you can pivot the relevant insights basis your CSMs. If your CRM data is not upto mark, you can also update the CSM manually. Using this pivot, a lot of intelligence can be provided straight to the CSM on their account, engagement pattern, opportunities and best practises.
  • Messages: Total number of customer messages are highlighted in this attribute.
  • ARR: What is the ARR of this account? This is pulled from the CRM integration.
  • NPS: What is the NPS for this account? This is pulled from the CRM integration.
  • Account Health: What is the account health for this account? This is pulled from the CRM integration.
  • Account Tier: What is the account tier for this account? This is pulled from the CRM integration