Thena Webhooks FAQ

What can I use Thena webhooks for?

You can use Thena webhooks to forward events to data lakes, CRMs, and other systems for real-time synchronization and processing. This enables businesses to enhance their operations and engage customers effectively.

How real-time are the webhook events?

Thena webhooks are dispatched almost instantly after the event occurs, ensuring that you receive notifications in near-real-time.

How does Thena handle retries if my endpoint fails to process a webhook?

If Thena encounters a failure when sending a webhook, it follows a retry mechanism as outlined below:

  • 1st retry: Approximately 10 seconds after the initial attempt.
  • 2nd retry: Approximately 20 seconds after the 1st retry.
  • 3rd retry: Approximately 30 seconds after the 2nd retry.
  • 4th retry: Approximately 50 seconds after the 3rd retry.
  • 5th retry: Approximately 80 seconds after the 4th retry.

Ensure that your endpoint is capable of handling these retries. It's a good idea to log the incoming requests to monitor and identify any issues with the webhook deliveries.

Can I select which events I want to receive?

Yes, using the integration modal in the dashboard, you can choose to enable or disable specific events as per your requirements.

Is there a way to ensure the security of the webhooks being sent through?

Absolutely! You can specify an authentication header value to ensure that the incoming data is secure and from a trusted source.

I'm not receiving any webhook events. What could be the issue?

Ensure that the endpoint URL you provided is correct and can accept POST requests. Also, verify if the event you're expecting is enabled in the dashboard settings.

What should I do if my endpoint experiences downtime?

It's a good practice to have retry mechanisms on your server to handle webhook failures due to temporary outages. Ensure that your server responds with a 200 OK status for successful receipt of the webhook.