Features of Marketing Automation

Capabilities of Marketing Automation


Marketing Content Creation

Create engaging marketing collateral using Thena's Campaign Creator and SaaS templates, supporting all Slack Layouts and Elements. Learn more about sending a campaign here

https://help.thena.ai/docs/campaign-managementThe Block Builder offers intuitive content creation experience through BlockKit content validation and supports all Slack Layouts and Elements.


Custom Emojis are not supported

Slack renders the custom emojis in when you preview the message on your Slack Workspace but when your customers see the message on their workspace, they will not see the custom emoji and will instead see :emojiname: as a text. Recommend that you use standard Slack emojis in your content.

Automated Broadcast, Scheduling and Segmentation

Segment your audience and send targeted, personalized marketing content at the right time (through our scheduling feature) for maximum engagement and conversions.

Send Campaign Menu

Send Campaign Menu

Slack Marketing Measurement

Our advanced automation technologies provide insights into Reach, Engagements, Responses, and reactions for optimizing your marketing efforts. To get a deeper understanding of our campaign analytics, click here

Engagement Analytics

Engagement Analytics