Getting Started with Marketing Automation

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Why use Slack Marketing ?

While emails typically have a Click Rate :10-20% at best , Slack content Click Rates trend at ~70-80%

Thena's Marketing Automation features include:

Marketing Content Creation

Customers can create product newsletters, webinar invitations, surveys, blogs and all other marketing collateral through Thena's interactive Campaign Creator and ready to use SaaS oriented Templates.

Thena Block Builder

Thena Block Builder

The Block Builder offers intuitive content creation experience through BlockKit content validation and supports all Slack Layouts and Elements.

Automated Broadcast, Scheduling and Segmentation

Marketing Automation allows you to segment your audience based on various customer groups This way, you can broadcast targeted and personalised marketing collateral to audience groups, improving the relevance and impact of your marketing efforts. Scheduling also plays an important role in Marketing Automation, as it helps you to send messages at the right time, ensuring maximum engagement and conversions.

Send Campaign Menu

Send Campaign Menu

Slack Marketing Measurement

Thena's advanced Marketing Automation technologies help you measure the Reach, Engagements, Responses and reactions on all slack marketing initiatives. All these deep insights are visualised on the Thena App, helping you optimise your slack marketing initiatives.

Engagement Analytics

Engagement Analytics

Use Cases

Product Launch:

Use our content creation capability to highlight your Product to target potential customers by demographic or interest, and Slack Marketing Measurement to track engagement rates and optimise the launch strategy.

Customer Onboarding

Create educational content for new customers; Send personalised onboarding messages to each customer; Track engagement and optimise the onboarding process.

Feature Announcements

Create newsletters and blog posts about new features, automated broadcast to target specific customer segments based on usage data and Slack Marketing Measurement to track engagement and adoption rates of the new feature.

See our curated library of SaaS focused Templates in the Campaign Editor:

Content Templates for SaaS


Content Templates for SaaS

Getting Started with Marketing Automation

Thena Marketing Automation is a Premium Feature available to only select Thena Customers. Please Contact Us to get started.

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