Categories & Tags in Requests

Use Cases of Categories and Tags

With our custom tags, you gain unparalleled control and organization over incoming requests, elevating your support experience to new heights. Effortlessly categorize requests based on the products they pertain to, differentiate between bugs and feature requests, and tag them with relevant teams for efficient task allocation. Stay on top of your support pipeline by assigning internal statuses like "Waiting on Customer," "On Hold," or "Not Prioritized."

Our tags are fully searchable, enabling you to quickly access critical information when you need it most. No more rummaging through heaps of data; everything is just a tag away. Deep analytics on tags, that will allow you to uncover trends, identify bottlenecks, and optimize your workflow are coming soon.

Categories and Tags

Available in Request Pro, on every Request, you can attach custom tags and associated values basis your use cases. Tags can be in the form of either single select, multi-select, link or radio.

Here is a sample of what your categories and tags could look like:

  • Tag Name: Product
    • Type: Single Select
    • Tags: Requests Analytics Ticketing
  • Tag Name: Type
    • Type: Multi Select
    • Tags: Feature Request Bug Account Provisioning
  • Tag Name: Requires Engg Team help?
    • Type: Radio
    • Tags: Yes No
  • Tag Name: Linear Link
    • Type: Link
    • Tags: https://{companyname}

Setting up Categories & Tags

Tags and categories must be set up in Slack, by going into your /Thena Global Config settings.

You can set these tags from Global Config → Request Management → Manage Categories and Tags.

Sample Video of Creating a Tag of type Link