Request Management: Shortcuts

Shortcuts for Request Management using emojis


When a request is first detected, Thena will treat it as unassigned. Consider this section as a way to use emoji’s as shortcuts to the tasks highlighted above.


Slack Only

Shortcuts are only useable within the Slack UI and do not work on the Thena Web app

:ticket: Create New Ticket (ticket)

  • A new ticket to be sent to an email based ticketing tool. This option is not visible if an integration is not configured.

:eyes: Looking into it (eyes)

  • When someone wants to acknowledge the request and take it up for themselves.

:person-frowning: Assign to someone(person-frowning)

  • When someone wants to ask a team member to look into the request.

:closed-umbrella:Close (umbrella)

  • When the work on the request is complete and someone closes the request.

These actions can be done from either the notification message on the triage channel, the App Home or the Kanban on the Webapp.