FAQs - Shortcut Integration

Can I link multiple Shortcut stories to a single Thena Request?

Yes, a single Thena Request can have links to multiple Shortcut stories.

Can more than one Thena Request link to the same Shortcut story?

Yes, multiple Thena Requests can be associated with a single Shortcut story.

If a Shortcut story linked to multiple Thena Requests is updated, will all linked requests be notified?

Yes, all threads of the linked requests receive a status update notification.

Do I get updates on all changes made to a Shortcut story?

You will receive notifications in Thena only when the status of the linked Shortcut story is updated. Other attribute changes won't be notified.

What happens if my Shortcut API Token is changed or becomes invalid?

If your Shortcut API Token changes or is no longer valid, the integration may stop functioning. To resolve this, update the API Token in the Global Settings -> Integrations tab.

How secure is the Thena-Shortcut integration?

Our integration ensures all data is transferred securely, and no sensitive information is stored. Always make sure to keep your API tokens confidential and never share them.

What should I do if my webhook URL isn't working in Shortcut?

Ensure that you've copied the correct webhook URL from Thena and pasted it accurately in Shortcut. If problems persist, contact us over Slack.