FAQs on Zendesk Integration

Common questions on Thena's Zendesk integration

For certain customer requests, the requestor is showing up as the Zendesk admin. Why?

Each Slack workspace has the ability to Choose whether to display members email addresses. If the workspace has set this to 'No one', then Slack does not provide the email addresses of your customers through its API.

The email is critical for our Zendesk integration to work. This is because we identify the customer contact in Zendesk through email addresses. To ensure that a ticket is always created, if the email id is not being sent from Slack, Thena will automatically assign it to the Zendesk admin that had setup Thena.

What happens if a ticket is raised on behalf of a user that does not exist on Zendesk?

In this scenario, Thena will automatically create a new user in Zendesk.

Does Priority sync work for the Zendesk integration?

Yes - We sync both Status and Priority bi-directionally.

Will an O-Auth for Zendesk be available?

Yes - we are currently working on having an O-Auth enabled integration with Zendesk. Once completed, you will no longer need to do a one time setup of webhooks and associated triggers in Zendesk.

Should I create a new Admin user in Zendesk for the integration

This is optional - You can continue to use an existing admin account, or create a new user.