FAQs on Ticketing

Common questions on how Thena ticketing works

Do I have the ability to configure tickets in Thena?

Yes - you do! From configuring a modal, to mandatory fields, custom statuses and priorities, we support them all. Find out more.

When you create a ticket for a message, can you create another ticket on the same message or thread again?

No - Thena does not allow you to create multiple tickets within a thread, or within a message. This is to ensure that there is one thread per ticket, where the bi-directional sync from your ticketing system is addressing one customer ask.

If we were to support multiple tickets on a thread, then the bi-directional syncs would confuse your customer, as there would be multiple updates that are likely unrelated within one thread.


We look to ensure that threads are readable, and have a fixed context. Our product has been designed to adhere to this principle.

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