FAQs on Salesforce CRM Connector

Do I need to create the custom object or the custom fields in Salesforce?

No, once you integrate Thena with Salesforce, we take care of all the object and field creation for you.

I am unable to see the requests in the Accounts View

Make sure you have updated your Account object's page layout. Details here.

I am unable to see the requestor or account fields in the request object's page even when I have added it to the page layout

Make sure that you have set the visibility of these fields as visible or editable. More details and steps here in Steps 8 to 13.

How often are the requests synced from Thena to Salesforce?

Near real time. As soon as the request is updated in Thena, we sync if with Salesforce.

If I make a change in any of the fields on Salesforce, will it reflect back in Thena?

No, this connector supports sync of Requests from Thena to Salesforce and not vice versa.

What happens if the user who sent the message in Slack is not a contact on Salesforce?

If the user who sent the message in Slack is not linked to any of the accounts in Salesforce, we do the below steps:

  • Fetch the email domain of the user - Eg: [email protected] sent a message -> Email domain is thena.ai
  • Search Salesforce for any account which has a user with the same email domain of thena.ai -> Eg. You got an account named Thena
  • Create a user in account Thena with the name Harsh and email as [email protected]
  • Send the request data to Salesforce and link it to this user and account

What happens if I do not have an account in Salesforce for the channel in Slack?

If the user who sent the message in Slack which was converted to a Thena request, does not exists in Salesforce we first try to create the contact in Salesforce based on this but if there is no account found, we do NOT send the request data from Thena to Salesforce as it would NOT be linked to any contact or account in Salesforce.