FAQ on Web to Slack

Common questions on Thena Web Widget integration

Can any of my customer use Thena Web Widget on my dashboard?

  • Yes, any Logged In customer on your website/dashboard can start using Thena web widget

What happens when I already have a Slack Connect channel with the customer?

  • If you already have a Slack Connect channel, then all the requests created via the web-widget starts to flow in the same connect channel.

What if some users are not part of the Slack Connect channel?

  • Even if the users are not a part of the Slack connect channel, they will be marked with email of your customer and the request will be sent in the same Slack Connect channel. Web widget also shows the Slack Connect channel to the user in case they want to join.

Can I reply directly to the Slack thread to start chatting with the customer?

  • Yes, once the message comes from the Web Widget, you can simply reply on that message thread to continue to communication. Any further messages from the same user will be part of the same Slack thread.