Conversational Ticketing


Conversational Ticketing has been a buzzword in the messaging platform ecosystem, and it is easy to guess why. While conversations are at the heart of most B2B interactions, they are not deterministic (making it hard to drive intelligence), with no fixed states within a conversation. A conversation could include one customer request, or multiple.

This is completely orthogonal to how Customer Support teams are currently setup. Within the Support tools (Zendesk, Freshdesk, Hubspot, Salesforce Cases etc) is an inherent need to create a 'Unit' of work, often referred to as a ticket.

Ticket, as a construct, helped ensure:

  • Users know the exact ask, and can construct a lifecycle status around its resolution (Open, In progress, Escalate, Close etc).
  • Teams are able to quantify the value that they have added, and the effort spent.
  • Enterprise Customers and their associated support can be highlighted as a differentiated level of customer support.

Intercom took notice of the delta and moved towards conversations. It has had an immediate impact as customers have always preferred conversations, and more companies took notice to offer best in class services to their customers.

Why is a solution needed?

Each of the support tools highlighted above have native apps on Slack. However, given that most of their intent is to move the communication to their own platform, the apps in Slack have been made with limited bi-directional capabilities.

Customers are clearly preferring Slack as a medium of communication with their vendors. Vendor's have some basic concerns with Slack. The existing native apps just do not cut it - with significant limitations, noisy application, and little to no analytics.

Thena helps address these concerns using Conversational Ticketing. Meet your customers in the medium of their choice (Slack), while allowing your support teams to stay within the tools of their choice. The bi-directional deep integrations have enabled Slack and your support tools to share rich text, attachments, gifs and more. Read more about our Zendesk integration and Intercom integration here.

Your customer still gets the white glove treatment thanks to Thena's white-labelling capability. To them, the support agent's reply (from a different tool) shows up as a normal Slack conversation. Using Intent Recognition, Thena ensures you never miss a message with Requests. Powerful analytics that allows you to get insights on customer engagement and sentiment.

Make your Integration work per your processes. Our core differentiator is the ability to configure your integration basis your use case (Intercom configuration here). Ability for your Customers or your internal teams to escalate a request ensures that a high priority item is highlighted, tracked, and collaborated on.