Configure Tickets

This article covers how you can create a new ticket in Thena.

How to Configure Tickets:

Tickets created using Thena have numerous configurable options. From whether you want to show a modal to your team (and ask them to fill mandatory fields), to not wanting your customers to see a ticket summary (Invisible Ticket), or having the ability to provide a CSAT feedback, we support them all.


Our end objective is to make Conversational Ticketing intuitive and easy to use in Slack, while also ensuring that your existing best practises are adhered to.

Create a Ticket without a modal

Initially, we had developed a direct ticket creation with Intercom, without the need to fill out a form. We have now developed this capability to scale across multiple customers, and different integrations.

Create a Ticket with Custom Attributes

Basis your mandatory fields necessary for ticket creation in Freshdesk/Zendesk etc, we can add custom attributes to your ticket creation modal. In the example below, apart from the default attributes, the additional attributes are: Source Type, Ownership Category.

No Ticket Summary (Invisible Ticket)

If you want your customers to get an experience that completely resembles Slack (where the conversation has no ticket related updates), then an invisible ticket is for you. Essentially, when you click on 'Create a Ticket', and enter the details of the ticket in the modal, it will go to your email ticketing tool (in the example below, it is Zendesk).

The customer will not see any of this, and will directly view the reply from your support agent (in Zendesk) within the Slack thread.


Whenever a customer ticket is closed, you can now prompt the customer to provide feedback from within Slack. Whats more, you have the option for a 2 point or a 5 point scale.

The CSAT message will go only at the end of a ticket thread (when the ticket is closed). In the example below, the message has been configured to show the name of the individual who closed the ticket, as well as the 5 point survey.